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Sunday, June 3, 2012

EXO Magazine Unlimited Entertainment

CCTV First Performance: Receives Good Reviews from Editor

EXO-M performance receives praise from professionals- Fashion magazine <<Mr. Charm>>'s head editor updated his weibo stating: "Saw EXO-M at Star Avenue, they sang live, years of training in Korea really isn't just a saying, they'll definitely make it big! When will a Chinese idol band ever be this strong!" This comment expressed towards their singing abilities and strength made gained many reposts on weibo in just a few hours, which also goes to show how popular they already are.

EXO-M who made a surprise appearance at CCTV in beijing as the opening act showed everyone a dazzling performance which gained loud applause from the audience live as well.

<<Mr. Charm>> Editor in Chief
After which the reports contacted the editor in chief of <<Mr. Charm>>, Xiang Wei, and Xiang Wei told reporters that he went that day to watch a competitor of a certain competition and did not think that the Chinese-Korean group EXO-M would be appear there.

Xiang Wei said: "Before the even I saw a few girls holding posters of a male group and taking photos by the stage. Then I found it really weird but not long after, people in the poster really appeared and I was at a really near distance to the stage and could clearly feel them singing live. Being at such a close distance, apart from handsome, I felt that they were a really well trained new group with great potential.
Xiang Wei also revealed a little behind the scene moment: " Then EXO-M was just kneeling on stage in their opening position and the MCs never arrived, so they just continued kneeling there without fidgeting for almost 10 minutes. At that time I really held admiration towards their professional attitude, being on CCTV's most viewed programme they were a little nervous and I just watched their entire performance. When it was over and they left, I saw one of the members who was wearing silver stick out his tongue a little, it was really cute.
Speaking of the CCTV host, Xiang Wei mentioned that at the end, the host also allowed EXO-M to give the album that was meant for him to fans at the venue and it was a really meaningful moment.

Fans' Thoughts Segment
Reporters interviewed an EXO fan and she too had vivid memories of them. This fan expressed: "Today is the first time I'm seeing them and the first impression they gave me was that their make up was a lot lighter than the usual ones we see on korean artistes. They looked a lot natural compared to the make up of korean idol groups these days who have thick eye liners on. EXO-M was nothing like that, I would say they looked fresh." Also, she was one of the lucky fans who got to see EXO-M during their rehearsal at Star Avenue. "I remember when they were rehearsing they looked really serious and perspired a lot. The one who came from China, Minseok who's also the oldest and which we address as bun, took care of the others a lot, helping them wipe their sweat and allowing them to drink water before he does. Upon seeing that sight, fans present were all really moved." It seems Minseok who should be the one everyone looks after since he is "the foreigner" is the one who's taking care of the younger ones instead, just like how his nickname is "Little Bun", Minseok carries the really sweet and cute idol image.

The unusual thing is, SJ-M who is also from SM company did their first magazine shoot in China for <<Mr Charm>> and this time EXO-M has also coincidentally met with their editor in chief and received compliments, does this actually mean that EXO-M will be on the magazine's front covers soon? Let's look forward to it together!

Private Life Exposed!
1. Lay says he sleeps with Chen.
2. Se hun revealed that within the group, he really likes Lu Han.
3. Baekhyun said he wants to get close to Kris because Kris is really handsome.
4. During aegyo competitions, Tao would do "buing buing"
5. When off stage Suho is afraid of Tao .. but Tao actually loves to whine.
6. When asked about their most memorable moment, Kris answered that it was during the showcase because they were together with fans.
7. They said they would often bath together but hopes that fans would not think otherwise.
8. Amongst all the EXO members, everyone finds that Kris is as handsome as Siwon from Super Junior.
9. Lay answered the questions on how sleeping arrangements are like in the dormitory and Tao sleeps alone.
10. Members revealed that Tao and Lay have a really good relationship.
11. Kris mentioned that his Korean is still not up to standard so the seniors taught him to say "Zzang!"

Yunho: During this period I've also seen their teasers clips. Actually being their seniors, I do watch them practice and offer them advice as well. As I watch them, I would be reminded of myself and how I was a rookie before. They work really hard to practise and improve their skills, so I believe they would be really successful. I anticipate the day when they would present their best performance.

Changmin: They have only been exposed on stage for the first time, which also reminds me of SHINee's debut a few years back. Even if I'm not looking in the perspective of a senior from the same company, I would still love and support them wholeheartedly. If they are able to gain a lot of love, that would be a very good thing. Now, they've debuted. In the future they would become seniors from SM and I hope they would be dependable seniors and continue helping their juniors.

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