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Friday, June 29, 2012

EXO-M Men's Health Magazine

<时尚男士健康>7月刊T恤大专题,由@Exo-m 演艺的整整10页!5日左右市面出刊,封面林丹,谢谢大家关注!@男士健康

<Men’s Health>’s July issue’s t-shirt theme has 10 full pages of @EXO-M’s talents! It will come out in the market around the 5th, Lin Dan is on the cover, everyone, please look forward to it! @Men’s Health

再来!@男士健康@Exo-m 7月刊里给所有的T恤迷的夏季大礼!Exo-m的签名专辑也会从转"发的朋友中来选,加油!

Again! Inside @Men’ Health and @Exo-m July’s issue we’re giving out a big summer gift to all T-shirt fans! Exo-m’s signed album will also be forwarded, “choosing between the friends who send it”, good luck!

source cr; 慕帅MH’s weibo
trans cr; hyerin @exom-trans


  1. omg Kris' fingers. It WILL go viral
    and no supposed tattoo I think? =/

  2. chen is so adorable in the 2nd pic<333

  3. Hahaha is Krease shooting his middle fingers up?