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Friday, June 1, 2012

EXO-M Photoshot 120601

今天的6.1和这6个特别可爱的帅哥小盆友一起度过了快乐的半天儿,我被他们感染的似乎也年轻了呀⋯⋯敬请期待成片儿出炉(顺便提一下今天围观粉丝儿们的素质相当的好,特别配合。特别安静,值得表扬一下!)@EXO-M @吴泳璇

Today, June 1st, I spent a happy half day with 6 adorable, handsome guys,being with them made me feel like I was young again⋯⋯Please look forward to the release of pictures(Should also mention, the fans were not bad today,really cooperative。They were really quiet and deserve to be praised!)@EXO-M @吴泳璇

translation cr; angi @ exom-trans


  1. yeahh, another photoshot :D .

  2. I think china starts to acknowledge EXO-M as a local group and that's so great and just within 2 months but now what i wish is to see them rest for a while because the Exotics everywhere worry about our precious boys health. And i wish too they have an awsome comeback that can make them win an award @ sbs inkigayo or music bank and especially win the newcomer award :)

  3. oh my!
    glad to see them like this!
    Love EXO!
    Keep up the good work boys...

    Tq for all the post..
    I really appreaciate it..
    Keep updating...
    You are one of my BIG source tp update about our EXO information..
    Thanks a lot!

  4. Ahhh Xiumin Oppa looks so cute ^^
    All the other guys look great too!

  5. Omg! Lay is wearing a cross neclace, that means he is Christian, right?! I am a happy Korean now! Loll