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Friday, June 29, 2012

EXO-M So Cool Magazine

Q1: Who in EXO-M represents a good man?
Kris: Myself, there is no explanation (laughs)
Lay: Can I recommend myself? I think I’m quite alright myself (laughs)
Lu Han: Myself I guess, because it’s really difficult to choose (laughs) actually I’m quite open minded, often being everyone’s pistachio nuts (t/n: in chinese it also means “happy fruit”)
Chen: We’re all really good, I think that everyone can become a good man (laughs)
Xiu Min: Myself I guess (laughs) all 6 of us have our own different charm, we’re all really good.
Tao: we’re all pretty good, we are all men who can take on the roll.

Q2: In the summer, what type of outfits on girls attracts you?
Kris: A simple style is the best, the type that gives others a comfortable feeling
Lay: As long as they dress prettily then it’s really good
Lu Han: A girl who looks fresh and cool but not too over exaggerated.
Chen: Only a simple outfit arragement can let women appear even more beautiful.
Xiu Min: Jeans with a white T-shirt, I feel that already would be really beautiful.
Tao: I like the type that has quite a lot of qualities, something that would suit themselves.

Q3: What flavor of ice cream would you compare yourself to?
Kris: I like vanilla and green tea , but I think I should be more similar to green tea.
Lay: I think I should be cheese, the type where the more you taste the more flavour there is.
Lu Han: Mint, the more you get to know it the more fresh it is.
Chen: Peppermint with chocolate, peppermint’s freshness and chocolate’s rich simplicity together really suits my personality.
Xiu Min: Blueberry flavour. Because I really like blueberry.
Tao: Chocolate and cream flavour, because there’s a huge difference between the me on stage and the me in private.

Q4: If you were to pick a cartoon character to describe yourself, who would it be?
Kris: Angry Birds (laughs)
Lay: MashiMaro and Shin Chan, everyone says I look quite blank (laughs)
Lu Han: The Monkey King in Dragon Ball, because we’ve both got that feeling of justice (laughs)
Chen: There isn’t one (laughs)
Xiu Min: Everyone says I look like a little racoon (laughs)
Tao: Panda, because everyone says I look like a panda (laughs)

Ice cream boy evolution
During the summer heat, there is nothing better than a big cup of mixed flavour ice cream to make people feel happier, so, EXO-M are coming very happily and care-freely, the 6 “good faced and obedient” youngsters, instantly overthrowing the imposed rebellious label on the 90-liners, making everyone willing to become followers whom will never betray them.

Birthday: 1992/09/21
Height: 173cm
Star Sign: Virgo
Speciality: Singing, Piano

Birthday: 1990/03/26
Height: 173cm
Star Sign: Aries
Speciality: Taekwondo, Kendo

Birthday: 1993/05/02
Height: 183cm
Star Sign: Taurus
Speciality: Kongfu

Birthday: 1991/10/07
Height: 177cm
Star Sign: Libra
Speciality: Dance, Piano, Guitar

Birthday: 1990/04/20
Height: 178cm
Star Sign: Aries
Speciality: Football, Rubik’s cube

Birthday: 1990/11/06
Height: 187cm
Star Sign: Scorpio
Speciality: Languages (English, Mandarin, Korean, Cantonese), Basketball

speech marks from top to bottom
Lu Han: “stop playing around, quickly stand up properly, boss Lu is going to make a speech!”
Kris: “ah~ the camera is facing me, I need to seize the time and act cute”
Lu Han: “hello everyone, we are MIB’s new partners K&L”
Lu Han: “are our minds wandering off? No, we are thinking about McDonald’s chicken wings”

The name ‘EXO’ comes from the phrase ‘EXOPLANET’, it represents an unknown planet outside our solar system, it contains the meaning that they’re a new star who comes from an unknown world. The ‘M’ that is included after ‘EXO’ represents ‘mandarin’ and it refers to the group that has promotional activites in China. EXO-M wishes to become an outstanding mainland group that is recognised by the public, and also to gradually expanding to the entire planet, and have EXO-M’s music become the entire world’s inspiration. The members include leader Kris, Lu Han, Lay, Tao, Xiu Min and Chen. The first four members are the Chinese members while Xiumin and Chen are the two Korean members.

On the 8th of April 2012, on the stage of the 12th Music Billboard Charts Annual Ceremony, EXO-M officially announced their debut. This method of debut caught the attention of everyone, drew the curiousity of anticipation from various eyes. EXO-M’s slogan is “We are one!” The Chinese meaning is that “we’re one”, this represents the determination of the 6 men who want to accomplish the same dream, and how they will not let any obstacles on the road affect their “brotherhood”. The position that SM Entertainment has given to this group is “a mixed Chinese-Korean group that focuses on Chinese people that is produced by a Korean company.” We hope that EXO-K and them can develop together, together holding onto a brighter future.

In life, the six cute grown men of EXO-M live together in the same dormitory. Xiumin, was acknowledged by everyone to be the member who loved cleanliness the most, and he’s good at keeping the rooms neat, Tao, who lives together with him said, “Xiumin-gege especially loves cleanliness and he’s very particular about the smell of the room, I think that this is an exceptionally good point of him.” Lay is the group’s “cooking master”, every time, he’d whip up delicious food for everyone, relieving everyone’s “pain of instant noodles”. Kris is the leader, and he’s best at gathering everyone, and having activites together as one. Lu Han and Lay live in the same room, he (Lu Han) has a special habit, which is he doesn’t like others resting on his bed, at times, Lay will test his limits, but in the end, he’d end up getting kicked off the bed mercilessly.

During the process of shooting during the entire afternoon, EXO-M showed off their speciality of modesty and politeness; not only did they immediately start to greet and bow continuously upon entering the door, but also, they completely followed the shooting plan, and caused the studio to be filled with the atmosphere of youth. We especially prepared EXO-M’s title song to help them get into the mood of shooting, at the end this unexpectedly managed to give us the chance to have a glimpse of some close-distance handsome dance poses; Tao was even more intimate as he changed his phone in order to play music for everyone, every time it came to a member’s solo shot, he’d change the song to what they liked, letting us once again feel the strong relationship between the members. When Lu Han was resting, he unknowingly knocked over a bottle of Coke, and became flustered, looking around for tissues to wipe the mess, even though we said that it was okay and that he didn’t need to do it, but he still insisted that he should clean up, even though he himself got dirtied, but in this turbulent entertainment industry, this type of outstanding artist really deserve to be praised. There is also an “outside story” that deserves to be shared, after the shoot, the 6 EXO-M boys under the guidance of their leader, faced all the SoCooL staff and said their thanks one by one, along with a 90-degrees bow filled with sincerity, the editors all cheered that they were too polite and the claps that resounded in the studio were all from the inside of their hearts.

Sidelights of the Shoot
If you don’t take the strong heart injection and take or edit photos of EXO-M then you won’t be a good tailor.

The N moment when her knees were shivering

1. When Da Zui entered the resting room with the process sheet, the kids were too busy bugging the manager-gege to buy them McDonalds to eat. They were wearing formal suits and ties yet they were puffing their cheeks like chipmunks, it was so adorable. Da Zui didn’t have any mental preparations, so in that moment, her legs turned to jelly.

Luhan (chewing his mouth and teeth, his gaze was bling bling): “Jiejie (T/N: ‘older sister’ in Chinese) what are we going to film now?” Da Zui (forcing herself to remain calm): “You guys eat first.” She covered her chest and stumbled to disappear.

2. When it was time for filming, the cameraman, Guan-ge, waved his huge hand and said, “Come, don’t look at the lenses and look to the left.” Bzzzzt six electric currents came over, and the second they stood opposite Da Zui, she was unable to turn back. Her knees turned soft and she escaped. (Guan-ge, are you playing with me? I haven’t prepared, you’re playing with me, aren’t you?)

3. When it was time for the solo shot, in order to create the full effect, Da Zui helped to play with Chen’s tie several times, but her strength wasn’t enough; the tie’s “fluttering” was weak. Da Zui was filled with so many deep emotions, and she kept apologizing. Student Chen smiled awkwardly; in the end, upon Chen getting requested for a wink, she completely exploded because of his shy and innocent smile (which appeared at the same time). The number of times that he was cute was all too much and it caused Da Zui’s legs to turn soft again while swaying the tie around.

4. No matter which outfit, leader Kris would be the first person to be ready and out for confirmation. Da Zui also became a person who falls (laughs) all the time. Especially that moment when he walked out from behind the curtains in his formal suit, and his face had a smile … it was truly too pleasing for the eyes. The male god in casual streetwear is even more of an invisible killer; when he ran out of the makeup room with his bangs fluffy and a relaxed expression on his face, and had direct eye contact with Da Zui, Da Zui’s knees once again, became unsteady …

How we got such free and easy happiness

1. Lu Han loves to laugh and his laugh point is low, he is still a curious baby. During the photoshoot with the suits, Lu Han was a little amused when he saw everybody’s serious expressions. He tried his best to hold back his laugh - but at the end, he was trying so hard not to laugh that his mouth twitched. The photographer completely gave up: “Don’t smile! Control yourself! Hold [the smile] back! Child! Don’t smile!” The tone was so sad, Luhan’s eyes grew big - a thorough laugh, the small folds in the corner of his eyes, his long eyelashes, his features are all beautiful. Kris let out a helpless sigh, Lay pulled a face and shook his head. Under these circumstances, you could only tut tut tut tut.

2. After all the backdrops and props were ready, Da Zui and the photographer prompted the boss to confirm the version of the photo. From time to time the children’s loud laughter came out of the break room, and Da Zui inadvertently turned her head……Tao, when were you reduced to looking at the samples on the computer? The kid didn’t stop clicking the mouse, yet the screen did not move.Just resentfully looking at Da Zui, all while holding an Oreo flavored McFlurry in his hand…..

3. During make up, the kids were flipping through《Pop Music》sample issues to study their own layout, when suddenly Kris pointed at the words “Free happiness star LAY” (T/N: in Chinese it’s a shortened version of “free and easy happiness”) and confusedly asked Ah Luojiang, “what does ‘Free happiness’ mean?” The editor who wrote the current issue was currently in the middle of a shoot. Ah Luojian suddenly didn’t know any better than to laugh without a word. While Kris was confused by “free happiness”, especially because it used the tsukkomi style of writing, a befuddled and wandering look appeared on Lay’s face - it’s called twitching. Ah Luojiang was secretly startled. Later, shaking the editor’s shoulder, Ah Luojiang said, “At that time, how did you expect me to explain⋯⋯”

Idol’s instincts

In large open spaces, in front of complicated backdrops, in between the backdrop changes, in between outfit changes, while touching up make up, yet all the album songs’ accompaniment made sound, the kids will all grab that opportunity to get into the rhythm and practice the dance steps over and over, never missing a moment when they make a mistake and can correct the movement. Even when they were having their pictures taken, when they heard the beginning of 《History》, they will hit their legs practicing for the shaking pants dance. Their concentration can be clearly seen. Anytime, anywhere within their practicing spirit, is something that gives people a good impression and something people can recognize as a truly good habit.

source; 不知道叫什么的招财喵’s weibo
trans cr; xuan and angi@exom-trans


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    Deserved to be praised..
    Proud of them!

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