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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

EXO-M Weibo update

6月15日,EXO-M参与拍摄的杂志《当代歌坛》即将发行! 大家可以在杂志中看到身着黑色西装展现男性魅力的EXO-M![挤眼]

On the 15th June, the magazine which EXO-M participated in„”Pop Magazine” will be released! Everyone will be able to see the manly EXO-M dressed in black suits in the magazine! [Preview]”

source; exo-m’s weibo
trans cr; hyerin@exom-trans


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    1. Yeah ... Kris And lay the same move ooooh ... Manly ..... And oppa TAO I love you ..... Lu han your eyes keke ... Chen and xiu min cute