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Monday, June 25, 2012

EXO-M Weibo Updates For DO YOUR BEST

[WEIBO] 120625 - 快乐向前冲之全力以赴's Update


Height can be described as a perfect match, is there…..

[WEIBO] 120625 - 白兔和月亮's Update


Sharing pictures

[WEIBO] 120625 - EXO-M's Update


Now, EXO-M is currently in Hunan, recording for the program, <Do Your Best>. Please give a lot of support for EXO-M, the actors and staff, who have been putting in a lot of effort and recording till late~!

EXO-M组合也出场啦~我们中国的明星队们能不能hold住呀?@谢涤葵 谢总~求记者证呀~ 节目组,现场保安都很敬业~我和@UP向日葵刘马也 在现场拍照片很艰难呀!

EXO-M has appeared already~ Can our Chinese idol group hold on? @Xie Di Kui Thanks, director~ Requiring the reporters’ pass, ah~ The program team, the on-site security is also very professional~ It was difficult for me and @UP Xiang Ri Kui Li Ma De to take photographs at the scene!


This day, we, this group of people, spent it together…

[WEIBO] 120625 - 艾尚真’s Update


Full family portrait! In the afternoon, everyone went out with their all, everyone passed amazingly, ha! Brother Xiao Peng. Brother Li Ya. the two champions were amazing! Hai Tao was hailed as the God of strength! Brother Kai Nan used his humour to cause EXO-M to laugh until they ran out of strength! I used the most common method out of 36 plans to take on the match! Haha, the result… You guys take a guess

[WEIBO] 120625 - 钱菁Cherry’s Update

哇哦!有帅锅出没! 和EXO-M全体成员来张合影,粉丝们可不要太羡慕我哦!~想知道他们的运动细胞如何吗?快关注2012湖南卫视大型明星挑战类节目<全力以赴>吧!@EXO-M@EXO-M中国首站@EXO中文首站@EXO-M中国首站应援网

Wah! There are handsome guys appearing! I took a photograph together with all the members of EXO-M, fans, please don’t be too envious of me, okay! ~ Do you wish to know how are their sports cells? stay tuned to Hunan TV’s 2012, big-scaled, celebrity challenge program <Do Your Best>! @EXO-M !@EXO-M’s First Chinese Site @EXO’s First Chinese Stand @EXO_M’s China Support Website

[WEIBO] 120625 - 李锐hntv’s Update



[WEIBO] 120625 - 白兔和月亮’s Update


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[WEIBO] 120625 - 快乐向前冲之全力以赴’s Update


What is this expression?

[WEIBO] 120625 - 沈梦辰’s Update

姑娘们羡慕我吧!哇哈哈哈 @EXO-M

Girls are envious of me right! Wahahaha @EXO-M

source; Hunan Entertainment MC’s weibo
trans cr; xuan@exom-trans please take out with full credits.


  1. repost this with full credits. thanks for sharing^^

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  3. Can't wait to watch this!!
    ahhhh Lay's cute expressions!

  4. this 6 handsome guys!
    Can't wait for this programme to be air..

  5. When will it be aired? Looks so funny. :)

  6. omooo~ i can't wait to watch this
    luhan so cute

  7. When will this show going to air?? 6th July??