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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Nate News - EXO-K

KT (President Lee Seokchae), on June 2nd, invited 200 users of the music service for smartphones ‘Genie’ at Seoul Dongdaemun Doosan Tower’s Plazza and held the ‘Genie with EXO-K AR (Augmented Reality) video show’.

The ‘Genie with EXO-K AR video show’ was the very first augmented reality experience show in the country, it showed SM Entertainment’s rookie group ‘EXO-K”s charming image and performance on a supersized 300 inches LED screen and show them like they were really here.

The people who experienced the ‘augmented reality’ can feel like they are in the same dimension as EXO-K, it’s a new way to enjoy music as well as an advanced concept marketing.

That day, at the AR video show, ‘EXO-K’ has an augmented reality performance and for the invited clients, they were offered to have a photoshoot with EXO-K through augmented reality.Moreover, EXO-K made a surprised visit there and held a fanmeeting with a celebration performance.

The new music service that can be used on smartphones ‘Genie’ lets you listen to the full song up to 3 times, download for free 40 songs everyday in the sponsor zone, and offers an unlimited streaming service through the LTE Warp Genie Pack for 4000won per month (T/N: ~$4).

It’s not only the country’s major music companies such as SM, YG, JYP, etc, you can also enjoy the contents of foreign major music companies.

source: money today
translation cr; emilie @ exok-trans

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