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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

EXO-M Men's Health Photoshot

体面天书春夏号应该已经铺到各地了,定价20元,在报刊亭、商超、部分书店都可以买到,即使有物流问题也应该本周都能上市。左下是本次封面人物@阮經天 。各位@EXO-M 的粉丝,如果支持我们的活动活动(,就有机会下载到无水印大图。别认错封面哦!

The honourable and heavenly Spring-Summer book should have already arrived at shops everywhere! The set price at 20 yuan. It’s on the newspaper stand, shops and supermarkets; you can also buy them from some bookshops. Even though there are distribution problems, they should all arrive to the public this week. On the bottom left this time the person on the cover is @Yuan Jing Tian. All @EXO-M fans, if you support our activities (, then you have the chance to download a large image without any watermarks. Don’t mix up the cover okay!

source; 男士健康’s weibo
trans cr; xuan@exom-trans


  1. ommo~ laaaayyy! what are you doing???
    you want to melt the ice cream like you melt my heart? LOL
    and our tao, I know you had a sexy body... but did you know, you make my heart beat fast?
    thank you for sharing ^^

  2. omgee~~ Zhang Yixing!!!! ice creamm???????
    you already as sweet as that!
    no need to put it on your....arms..... hubby is cool as usual..
    Wuyifan...are you trying to steal Suho's power??
    Kim Minseok...this style suits you~
    oh my gee....XiLuhan!!! handsome as usual too~
    Huang ZhiTao....FREAKING HOT!!
    Thumbs up EXO-M!!