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Monday, July 23, 2012

EXO Thailand promotion

EXO will go to Thailand this week for their first promotion in Thailand. We will be taking pictures of EXO members while staying in Thailand. So, write what you want to see from their promotion as a comment, then we will upload it on ‘KPOP on facebook’ page.


  1. So, are you going to bangkok this weekend?

    i might be going bangkok to just get a glimpse of exo.

    i haven't been to bangkok since 1998.

    i know that they going to do the meet and greet at Siam Discovery.

    do u have any recommendations which hotel that i can stay near with siam discovery?

    Thank you///

    1. i don't know ;( sorry.. BUT I'm supporting u! go for it! :D

  2. How about
    - Two moons full version (of course the one with Roll Like a Buffalo)
    - showcasing their talents (guitar, piano, drums, ballet/jazz for Kai)
    - KRIS AEGYO. i heard this was amazing in their 100th day fan meeting T___T
    - 성대모사 like impersonations of celebrities like the ones they do on radios/variety shows. they said they would practice so let's test them
    - playing games like the fan meetings where fans ask questions on post-its and they answer lmao

  3. worries. i hope i get the chance to meet them or see them from a distance. it confirm the location will be the siam discovery? thank you again... admin.

  4. First of all and the most important thing, PLEASE STAY HEALTHY!! No more injuries for all members or anything bad happened to EXO in the future, PLEASE.
    Second, i dying to see MACHINE (full) PERFORMANCE!! Only this song from exo album that we never saw a choreography (not like in their teaser, but full song in exo album).
    Third, EACH MEMBER AEGYO! We all knew about tao, sehun, kai (failed) and chanyeol bbuing bbuing, so it's time for the other. Our angelic leader Suho look like happy to do aegyo.
    Fourth, i just wanna see Kai's ballet. Still remember your basic skill after a long time, Kai?

  5. Btw, oh my KaiSoo and TaoRis feels from those pict!! Where's our HunHan?????

  6. I just notice the EXO-K paring are from the ECO drive cute.