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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Hunan TV Do Your Best's Update

《全力以赴》第二集正在热播,@白凯南 @Mike隋 独木桥大战,,谁讲最后获胜,,快来看节目咯。。另外号外一下,,栏目组正在和@EXO-M 接洽中,现下EXO-M将赴韩国录制全新专辑,回到中国后将有望录制新一期的《全力以赴》。

“Do Your Best“‘s second episode is currently a hit, @Bai Kai Nan @Mike Sui’s tight rope-walking war„ whoever speaks last will be victorious„ quickly come and see the show.. And here’s another extra„ the program team are currently getting in touch with @EXO-M, from now on EXO-M will be rushing to Korea to record a new album, after returning to China we will be expecting to record a new episode of “Do Your Best”.

source; hunan tv do your best’s weibo
trans cr; xuan@exom-trans


  1. recording a new album!? YAYYYYY~~!!! I'm so excited to see what they have in store :)

  2. Does this mean that the rumor is true? Are they having a comeback on august 12??

  3. yeah, i heard the issue that EXO will comeback on August this year, with mini album,, omo,,, no full album???
    But, i'll wait for it!!!

  4. its just a variet so "do your best"