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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Pop Magazine weibo Update

#No.539出刊倒数#倒数最后一弹!大嘴突袭时发现@EXO-M 练习室内热闹滚滚~爆点笑点接踵而至令人招架不住呢。新刊中EXO-M拍摄花絮侧记加量不加价~明日大嘴官方微博将首发#539期当代歌坛EXO-M独家专访预告视频#哦漏,敬请期待!

#No.539 Publishing Countdown# The last part of the contdown! When Da Zui suddenly attacked, he found out that @EXO-M’s waiting room was all noisy and bustling instead~ The most hilarious part people to be unable to cope. In the new issue, the behind-the-scene sidenotes of EXO-M’s shoot will increase in content but not in price~ Tomorrow, Da Zui will release it via his official weibo for the first time #The 539th Pop Magazine, EXO-M Exclusive Interview Preview Clip# Sobs, please anticipate!
source cr; pop magazine’s weibo
trans cr; hyerin @exom-trans

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