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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

121002 Korean-China Music Festival in Shanghai

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  1. EXO-M gorgeous as always and for more awesomeness WATCH THIS :

  2. did you see it guys, god lay and donghae like twins wow!!!
    that's inspire me to make a video for them.
    BTW,what do you think guys of this ranking?AND HERE's the link:

  3. Too many Kris derp photos OMG LOL. Lay shined for me in all these photos. I just died because of his smiles and dimples! ♥_♥ And Stylist Noona is so dead for Kris' mop hair. -_- I can't barely see Luhan's eyes omo. It's his greatest aspect and his bangs is covering it a lot in these photos. OTL