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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Kravitz Weibo Update with EXO-M

【This is KRAVITZ】EXO-M为KRAVITZ独家拍的一张照片,照片虽然不是当天的首发,但里面的意义小编感受到了,你们呢。快来认一认KRAVIZ的产品吧,找到你的没有?

【This is KRAVITZ】A photo of an exclusive shot that EXO-M have taken for KRAVITZ, even though the picture wasn’t uploaded on the day, the editor has felt the meaning inside it, what about you guys. Come quickly and get to know KRAVIZ’s product, have you found yours?

source: KRAVITZ’s weibotranslation cr; xuan@ exom-trans

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