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Sunday, March 25, 2012


EXO-K has already more than 2 million views of There "history" Prologue
EXO-M *happy dance* has more than a million! FINALLY! 
I know that China doesn't have access to YouTube and I know that Sad story why but If they had, EXO-M would already had a gazillion views. <3
But I always write it and I always will that EXO will always be to me like One band and nothing will change that. (but the matter of fact is that they are one band, that is splited in two different bands, that sing in two different languages and make SM double money)
I think I'm gonna need a second person that will help me run this blog. 

Xiu Min - Birthday Special

So we all know that Xiu Min's birthday is coming so... If you want to send something you wrote, drew or made a picture of yourself with greetings or wishes you can

send it here on this email: 
All you have to do is make it, take a picture of it send it to me on this ↑ email and remember to write your name in the email so we know who made it :)
Why am I making this?
I'm making this to upload it in the day of Xiu Min's birthday. (26th of March)
(non of your data will be reviled except your name)

Tomorrow!! (i've got already 6 pictures and I have to say... GOD THEY  ARE AMAZING )