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Sunday, April 1, 2012

EXO 2nd Showcase Official Photos

 Lay, Lu Han, Kai
 Kris, ChanYeol
 D.O, Lay, Lu Han, Kai
 EXO-M (From the left)Chen, Xiu Min, Kris, Lay, Tao, Lu Han
EXO-K (from the left) ChanYeol, Kai, Su Ho, D.O, Se Hun, Baek Hyun
 Baek Hyun
 Baek Hyun & D.O
Kris, Kai, Lay, ChanYeol
Xiu Min, Lay, Lu Han
(From The left)Se Hun,ChanYeol, D.O, Baek Hyun, Su Ho, Kai, Lu Han, Chen, Xiu Min, Lay, Kris, Tao
(from The left) Kris, ChanYeol, Se Hun, D.O, Lay, Lu Han, Kai, Su Ho, Chen, Xiu Min, Baek Hyun, Tao
History Performance 

EXO 2nd Showcase China - Performance "MAMA" , "Your World", "What Is Love" and "History"

Time For Videos From Today's Showcase

Members Introducing themselves Go Here

EXO performing "MAMA"

EXO-M performing "Your World"
(Chen, Lu han, Lay, Xiu Min)

Lu Han & Chen Performing "What Is Love"

EXO Performing "History"

EXO members official signs and "powers"

(From the Upper Left)
Kai - Teleportation
ChanYeol - Flame
Su Ho - Water
Lu Han - Telepathy
Kris - Flight
Lay - Healing

(From The Lower Left)
D.O - Earth
Baek Hyun - Light
Se Hun - Wind
Tao - Time Control
Chen - Lighting
Xiu Min - Frost

EXO 2nd Showcase China

The Showcase Wasn't as much different as yesterdays one. So i'll upload some photos and We'll wait for fancam's or Maybe SM will upload something. Let's just wait.
 (From the left) Kris, ChanYeol, Se Hun, D.O, Lay, Lu Han, Kai, Su Ho, Chen, Xiu Min, Baek Hyun, Tao

 (Upper left)Chanyeol, Se Hun, Xiu Min, Chen, D.O, Baek Hyun, 
(Lower Left)Lay, Lu Han, Kris, Su Ho, Kai, Tao
 Behind the Stage
Behind The stages

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EXO-K Debut On Inkigayo

The 11-second video briefly introduces each member, and features a simple beat for the background, in preparation for the group’s upcoming hot debut stage for the April 8th episode of ‘Inkigayo’.

EXO - "MAMA" Teaser

God I can't wait to see the whole MV. It's amazing. The Members from EXO have different powers.
Lu Han- levitation (he put's a group of  balls into another group of balls what represents EXO-K & EXO-M as one)
Kai - teleportation (he appears apparently next to each member and his teleportation Is like from Harry Potters ^^)
Se Hun - air (he makes a tornado with one finger )
Tao - super ninja warrior
Chen - thunder (he's like ZEUS^^)
D.O - earthquake (with one stomp of his foot he makes the ground crack)
Su Ho - water (he plays with water like Poseidon)
Xiu Min - ice (he makes everything frozen up)
Baek Hyun - his power is... like... from the film "I Am number four"(the one's that watched It know what I mean, for does that didn't check it out here )
Lay - brings to life
Chen - fire (he can make a dragon out of fire and he's so hot that his footsteps are burning!)
Kris - flying ability and he also can use fire (what about the flying well it's like flying from the film "Chronicle" if you didn't see it check it out here)

This Is the best Version

EXO - airport style [fancam]

Wow! Style, passion, fame and all that's in between- they all got it. I wonder who will be like Shinee's Key and will be super good looking and stylish In what ever he wears. In time we'll find out. Know on I can only see baby Lu Han In his super-cute covering

(yes, yes... To much U-kiss ^^ sorry)
(from the upper left)Lu Han, Se Hun, ChanYeol, Kris, Tao, Kai, Chen
(from The lower left)D.O, Lay, Xiu Min, Su Ho, Baek Hyun
(from the right)Xiu Min, Chen, Lu Han, Se Hun, Lay
 fans out the airport in Beijing
1.pic:(from the left) Chen, Baek Hyun, Lu Han, Lay, Kris
2 pic:(from the left) Baek Hyun, Su Ho, Lu Han, Kris, D.O

 EXO's luggage
 ChanYeol, Chen, Baek Hyun
Lu Han & Se Hun
 Kris & Tao
 Kai & Kris
 Se Hun & Lu Han
 Lu Han
 from the left: D.O, Se Hun, Lay, Baek Hyun, Kris, Tao
 Kris, Lay
 Xiu Min, Lu Han, Se Hun
 D.O, ChanYeol
 Lu Han
Lu Han, Se Hun,Kris, Lay
BEST Fancam ever! 

Cute Tao Was lost :3
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