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Saturday, April 7, 2012

ExoTown bias list-top 10

You didn't even know that I was watching this list change day after day. Sometimes Kai was the Leader, Sometimes ChanYeol but now? Now Baek Hyun Is taking the lead! Look at the bias list made by how many times you where visiting the boys pages with there info on this blog:

Vote For EXO - MAMA On EatYourKimchi

Wow Guys! There Already On the 3 Place! Super! keep It going! I'm voting for them like insane!
+ we don't have much time On EatYourKimchi Official Twitter they tweeted That we Have only 12 hours ! So keep It up Guys!
And remember:  
To vote go  HERE
OK guys after 4 hours WE ARE NUMBER ONE! 

EXO-K and EXO-M "MAMA" Music Video (Korean and Chinese Version)

EXO-K                                                                     EXO-M 
Oh My God These Videos are like mind-blowingly awesome and I already have them on my Ipod! Both Of the Videos start with The EXO Legend I Uploaded Earlier and as it ends the  part where they are dressed up like monks appear and they start to sing the Part "careless, mindless..." Then some cool dance moves and there powers reveal:
Lu Han- levitation (he put's a group of balls into another group of balls what represents EXO-K & EXO-M as one)
Kai - teleportation (he appears apparently next to each member and his teleportation Is like from Harry Potters ^^)
Se Hun - air (he makes a tornado with one finger )
Tao - super ninja warrior
Chen - thunder (he's like ZEUS^^)
D.O - earthquake (with one stomp of his foot he makes the ground crack)
Su Ho - water (he plays with water like Poseidon)
Xiu Min - ice (he makes everything frozen up)
Baek Hyun - his power is... like... from the film "I Am number four"(the one's that watched It know what I mean, for does that didn't check it out here )
Lay - brings to life
Chen - fire (he can make a dragon out of fire and he's so hot that his footsteps are burning!)
Kris - flying ability and he also can use fire (what about the flying well it's like flying from the film "Chronicle" if you didn't see it check it out here)
Then Some Scary part's appear.Like Kai and Xiu Min totally painted.
Kai With written: EXO From EXOPlanet 2012 and the Members from EXO-K are listed: D.O, Su Ho, Baek Hyun, Kai, Se Hun And ChanYeol. Check It Out:

 And Xiu Min Paited Like a Zombie Boy
And Something funny: Lay touching an unicorns bum. ^^
At the End I will say that This Year Will Be EXO's Year and We EXOtics are proud to be a part of it.
For Lyrics Go  HERE

EXO "MAMA" single Officially out on ITunes

But Guys It's just EXO-K and EXO-M's single. It's not there whole mini album like some other one's say :)

(apparently listening to it on ITunes)

Twitter News - Gregory Hwang

Gregory Hwang - SM Entertainment Performer Director Tweeted:
Is It about EXO's Debut? I think That It sincerely Is! ^^

What Do you Think? 

EXO-K with Albi S. Albertson

Albi S. Albertson is an Producer / Songwriter at BMG Rights Management. He took a photo with EXO-K (not all of them) and wrote: "EXO-K and me after recording sessions in Seoul. Kinda unfair to stand inbetween all these pretty boys though.."
(the picture from the left: ChanYeol, D.O, Albi, Baek Hyun, Su Ho)

Source: facebook EXO

EXO-K Inkigayo Backstage

Inkigayo "History" Backstage:
There was one time where Kai rearranged them into their spots, tugging them into place. It was really adorable. The boys are learning fan service :) Kai continuously poked Se Hun in the back and was laughing at how the fans were screaming. Se Hun and Su Ho had a lot of moments. They glommed at each other once even Baek Hyun slapped Kai's bum ^^ They kept pausing the performance at D.O's part and D.O always made a cute face of surprise, disappointment and sadness at the same time. The confetti fell and ChanYeol got some on his hair and then he brushed it off. He saw that D.O had confetti too and picked it out. Apparently it was still there and he kept on cleaning D.O from the confetti . After that he turned his attention to Baek Hyun. Kai Grabed his crouch a lot and He had a sexy face pose. We can't really see a lot of that In the recording but there are some moments that confirm that.^^

Inkigayo "MAMA" Backstage:
D.O and Se Hun lost their wristbands at least once during the dances and
Se Hun kept on making mistakes with the routine. So did ChanYeol. Once Se Hun looked a little too close to Kai like he was going to fall on him.
Se Hun fell to his knees during one of the dance steps because the floor was slippery where he was but he recovered well. ChanYeol picked things out of Se Hun's hair this time.

Baek Hyun was singing and he was too close to the edge of the stage and got hit in the eye from the pyrotechnic explosions (something like fireworks) The music kept on going but he really looked in pain. He tried to shake it off but it was apparent that it hurt a lot. He tried to get back into the dance but it was no good. He was hurt. The other boys kept on dancing but they were really concerned. Kai kept on looking over and looked like he wanted to just stop but he knew that they couldn't unless the music stopped. Finally the director called cut and Baek Hyun fell to his knees and EVERYONE ran at him. Kai practically ran and dropped to his knees in front of Baek Hyun. Se Hun was also right there with Kai.
A few minutes later The stage manager came out and was calming the crowd by saying: "he's alright, don't worry. He's getting some eye drops. Trust us"
Then the boys came back out and the last to come out was Baek Hyun. He looked more sheepishly embarrassed than hurt and that helped the atmosphere. But the boys finished there performance successfully and safely after all.

credit: @himurahimeko

The First Mini Album Title Song ‘MAMA’ of EXO-K and EXO-M will be Released Worldwide on the 8th at 00:00!

(From the left): Baek Hyun, Su Ho, Kai, ChanYeol, D.O
(form the left: Tao, Lay, Lu Han, Xiu Min, Chen, Kris)

The first mini album title song ‘MAMA’ of EXO-K and EXO-M will be released on the 8th.
The EXO-K version (in Korean) and EXO-M version (in Chinese) of ‘MAMA’ will be released on iTunes, Korean music websites (Melon, Olleh Music, Bugs, etc.) and Chinese music websites including ‘SINA’ on the 8th at 00:00 a.m.
Especially, the title song, ‘MAMA’ was written by the hit composer Yoo Young Jin and it includes a Gregorian chant joined with powerful orchestra sounds. The dance break will overwhelm the ears with sharp synthesizer sounds, guitar riffs and impressive shouting sequences.
Also, the lyrics talk about the conflicts and lack of communication that modern people have in the reality and virtual world and a hope to recover pure loves.
Moreover, the mini album ‘MAMA,’ which contains a total of 6 songs, will be released in both EXO-K and EXO-M versions on April 9th.
Meanwhile, the first mini album ‘MAMA’ of EXO-K and EXO-M will also be available in stores on the 9th.

Does Any one live in Korea Or In China and will buy me there albums and send them to me (of course I'll give you money back ^^)

EXO-M there way to China

EXO-M is going to China to participate as special guests on Music Billboard Awards. Fans are looking forward to there first stage!
Incheon Airport Flying out of Korea 

Another Video HERE
Xiu Min, Chen, Lu Han, Lay
In front  (from the left) Kris, Lay, Lu Han, Xiu Min, Chen and Tao at the Incheon Airport
Back View:(from the left) Tao, Chen, Xiu Min, Lu Han, Lay, Kris
Chen, Xiu Min, (behind him) Lay, Lu Han, (behind him) Kris, Tao
 Kris, Lay
 Lay, Chen, Lu Han, Xiu Min (and behind them) Tao
 Kris, Lay and Tao (Why Is Tao's Face blurred?)
Lu Han
Lu Han

Lu Han
Kris And Tao

Lay and Lu Han
(from the left) Xiu Min,Chen, Lay(behind there manager), Kris
Xiu Min
Lay And Tao (behind Lay)
(From The left) Lay, Chen, Lu Han (behind him) Tao, Xiu Min
Chen, Xiu Min, Kris, Lay
SM artists promotion organizer posted this on weibo and added 
"The weather is excellent, to board a flight to Shenzhen - you big cafes there, See you "

Shenzhen Bao'an International Airport in China -already arived
(from the left) Kris, Lay, Lu Han, Xiu Min, Chen,Tao Shenzhen Bao'an International Airport in China 

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EXO_SHOWCASE HD Full version Part_1_2_3_4 ENG SUB

I Love EXO and I'll be with them no matter what I'll support them and give all my heart to them and this blog.

EXO_SHOWCASE HD Full version

Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:
Part 4:

This year... This Year Is EXO' Year.