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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

What Did Lay and Lu Han Wear ?

During the Sina Livechat, EXO-M's Lay wore the UNBOUNDED AWE 60/40 MTM shirt in green.
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Lu Han from EXO-M at the Sina Livechat wore the AWE Horistripe MTM sweatshirt.
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Credits: K-wordstyle

Mankae Se Hun Birthday!

Let's go on a trip with Se Hun... 

Se Hun from the beginning :
Se Hun behind the photoshot to "W" Magazine:


Se Hun's first Teaser: 
Se Hun's second teaser:

Se Hun's Fifth Teaser: 

SMent Official pre debut photos:

Se Hun For High Cut Magazine:

Se Hun at The 1st Showcase - Korea 
Se Hun On the Way To China - 2nd Showcase 
Se Hun In "MAMA": 

Se Hun official Debut Photos:

From The beggining To the End we will always be with You !  I hope that EXO will give you a lot of unforgettable memorize! keep up the hard work! We will support you and the rest of EXO members with all our heart! 
He turns 18 Today (In KST) In Korea He's 19 
(Give Se Hun your wishes in the comment box)