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Friday, April 20, 2012

EXO-K tomorrow at MUSIC CORE

21 April - Music Core 4:10 PM KST

Streaming HERE
Or you can watch It here on this site.


EXO-K FIRST fansign for There Mini Album "MAMA" [fan-pics]

Fansign for their 1st Mini Album [MAMA]
at HOTTRACTS, Kangnam Kyobo Tower on April 20,for 100 lucky fans

(Upper Picture)D.O, ChanYeol,Su Ho| (Lower Picture) Baek Hyun, ChanYeol
(from the left)D.O, ChanYeol, Su Ho, Se Hun, Kai
(From The left)Baek Hyun, D.O, ChanYeol, Su Ho, Se Hun, Kai
Su ho & Se Hun
Se Hun & Kai
Se Hun & Kai
ChanYeol, Su Ho, Se Hun

 Su Ho & Baek Hyun
 ChanYeol, Su Ho, Se Hun
D.O & ChanYeol
Baek Hyun, D.O, ChanYeol, Su Ho
 Baek Hyun, D.O, ChanYeol
Baek Hyun
 Baek Hyun, D.O, ChanYeol
 D.O, ChanYeol

Baek Hyun, D.O, ChanYeol
ChanYeol, Baek Hyun
ChanYeol & Baek Hyun

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EXO-M Yin Yue Tai - [VIDEO] +Translations

EXO-M on YinYueTai Translations:

Host: YinYue Interview I'm your host and the group of guests we have for today, I can just say that they've caused some hardwork because the set has been changed. Also there are a bunch of girls here, it's been a really long time since we've had a bunch of fresh young teens here. Welcome all of you! Please do some greetings

EXO-M: We are one! Hello everyone we are EXO-M!

Host: This interview set hasn't been changed for a year but after being notified that you all are coming here, the next day, the set got changed! Can tell that you're really important guest because you are all so young but are already successful, really popular

Host: I was asked if I was pressured about hosting the show for you guys and of course I answered yes. So for all of you since you've already debuted, are you nervous in front of the press?

Kris: Yes we are because we haven't debuted for long so we would definitely be

Host: Let's first have him introduce himself, leader, Kris right

Kris: Hello everyone I'm EXO-M's leader kris, I'm the rapper

Host: What is that logo you're wearing? Kris what is yours?

Kris: Mine represents a dragon because I can fly

Host: Okay next!

Lay: Hello everybody I'm EXO-M's Lay. My logo represents a unicorn, I can heal

Host: What about the person!

Luhan: Hello everyone I'm Luhan! My ability is to move objects with my mind

Host: All of you feel like superman, what about the next person!

Xiumin: Hello everyone I'm Xiumin!

Host: You sound really korean! From korea right? Hello! So what does it mean?

Xiumin: My logo is a snowflake, I have freezing powers

Host: Next please, Tao!

Tao: Hello everyone I am Tao, my logo means I can contirl time

Host: Lastly Chen! A friend from korea too am I right

Chen: Hello everyone I am Chen, my logo represents lightning, I can control it

Host: Everyone from EXO-M is so cute and they also have special talents, also in the MV we've seen everyone's really impressive ability with dance and wushu etc. Because EXO-M has just released their MV, we would like to show all of you a video to let you guess how your new song has been doing on our charts!

(video plays)

Host: Because you are the first group to have 3 songs topping our charts, we've prepared a segment in case all of you win awards in the future. Let's have a demo of all of you receiving awards for consecutive top songs!

[Host: EXO-M has won the award, congratulations!!]
[Kris: I'll represent the group to speak. Never did expect ourselves to win the award, it serves as such a great encouragement. Also thank you to yinyuetai and all the fans who have been supporting us, we hope to be able to win the new group awards in the future as well, thank you!]
[Host: Does anyone have anything to add?]
[Xiumin: Thank you!]

Host: Congrats! In your daily lives do you call the other members nicknames? Kris speak first, lead them!

Kris: For example I would call chen "chen chen" because it sounds cute and I feel like calling chen seems really stiff, really simple

Host: So for chen how do you call the other members?

Chen: For yixing I call him "xing xing bro"

Host: Why xing xing bro!

Chen: because kris calls me chen chen!

Host: So because he calls you chen chen you call him xing xing, xiumin then are you called min min? So what about you xiumin?

Luhan: Bun!

Host: Why bun?

Luhan: Because when we first met his face was really round and cute

Host: Xiumin do you like them calling you bun?

Xiumin: Hmm ....... CONTENTED

Host: When we see all of you dancing in the mv is really good, is there anything that is a challenge to you? Lay would you like to talk about it?

Lay: Because when we first entered the company we had time to master dance so all of us have dance backgrounds now. Also before debut we practised a lot that's why

Host: Can you denmonstrate the dance?

[Luhan Xiumin Lay does the dance]

Host: Next we hope all of you can introduce your special abilities, Tao would you like to do some posts from wushu?

[Tao does it]

Host: So is this the starting pose? Do you practise at home all the time?

Tao: I do practise at home and also at the company?

Host: Do you teach the korean members wushu?

Tao: Yes

Host: How did they do?

Tao: Really intelligently!

Host: Luhan you're from beijing right, have you learned other activities when you were young?

Luhan: Yes I have but I've forgotten everything now

Host: So what can you do now? What special talents do you have?

Luhan: Rubiks cube!

Host: Ha we have it here as well, let's time luhan!

[Luhan plays it]

Host: Have the rest of you watch him play it?

Everyone: yes

Host: What's his fastest timing?

Tao: 30 seconds!

Everyone: Or around 1 minute!

Host: So when he's nervous it'll take longer? Has he taught all of you?

Kris: Yes but I can never master it, I've asked him about it before but I forgot

Host: Whoa how long was it? Not even one minute. Hey luhan try this instead!

Luhan: Can't

Host: What about Lay? Besides dancing do you have other talents?

Lay: I can sing

Host: I heard you can play the instrutments

Lay: I can play the guitar and piano

Host: Have you leant it since young?

Lay: No not really I just suddenly had an interest towards it

Host: Are the rest of you hungry? Help yourself with the food in front, I've seen all of you staring at it!
And lay can you perform a song for us

[Lay performs it]

Host: Whoo! Clap clap! So have you been practising a lot

Lay: Yes because I really enjoy it

Host: Really talent group! So what about xiumin, I heard that you like solo chinese artistes too. Lin junjie and jay chou?

Xiumin: Yeah

Host: You listen to them when in korea too?

Xiumin: Yes I have one song that I really like

Host: Do you practise it in korea too?

Xiumin: Yes I do practise it at times

Host: Ah since you practise you have to show it!

[Xiumin sings it]

Host: Have you been listening to chinese songs a lot?

Xiumin: Not really I haven't been listening to it for long

Host: It's okay you'll have more exposure to chinese music next time!

Host: So chen chen we've heard you sing more than you talk, and today we've prepared a really special segment for you to recite chinese! How long have you been learning chinese? Is it challenging for you

Chen: About 6 months

Host: Have you heard of the phrase tongue twister?

Chen: Nope

Host: So let's have Kris teach chen a tongue twister

Kris: Can I not do it? I'll choose someone instead. Luhan!

[Luhan and chen recites it]

Host: Kris you are the rapper right, would you like to try it

Kris: This ....... maybe next time, I need to practise!

Host: Does Kris especially take care of your skin?

Tao: Actually it's not just leader, we all take care of our skin a lot, we'll apply skin products as well

Host: Kris let's say you are supposed to give facial skin care advice, what would you say?

Kris: I will drink more water and sleep on time, around 8 hours

Host: So you must be really disciplined?

Kris: yes

Host: So today we would each of you to expose each others secrets. You have your plushies please point it at the other members, the one that get's exposed the most will receive a punishment hehe

1. Who is the member who loves himself most? (Self conscious) Everyone is almost the same

2. Who is the member who speaks well and can be a host? Kris

Host: Kris is i because you talk the most? Do you talk a lot to the members abou heart to heart matters as well?

Kris: yes

Host: Do you want to be an MC? Try standing here!

Kris: No not really because we've just debuted so I haven't thought of that, we are just focusing on our music now but if I do get the chance in the future I would like to try i

3. Who is the most forgetful member? Lay

Host: Do you forget stuffs often? How?

Lay: Yes. Like I would leave and go back home a few times because I would forget things. Like I would bring my MP3 but not bring the earpiece, or it would be bringing spare shirt but not bottoms

4. Who is the mood maker? Luhan

Host: Luhan is the mood maker! The joker! Do you tell jokes or what?

Luhan: Maybe because I'm more cheerful so ...

5. Who is the one who's best at playing games? Luhan

Host: Luhan do you do weird stuffs at home?

Luhan: Not really it's probably because I adapt to games really well that's why

Host: So after all these questions, luhan got pointed out the most and we have a punishment for him, please come over here. Maybe towards you it's not called a punishment but for me I really dislike it. Let all of you have a smell~

Kris: It smells like vinegar

Host: Chen you still dare to try it!

Kris: Can I try it too

Host: Luhan look at your brothers helping you to finish some of it. Maybe it's not a problem for you, give some encouragement!

Luhan: WE ARE!

EXO-M: We are one!

[luhan drinks it]

Host: Are you okay, not a problem right. You've probably drank it before right?

Luhan: A little

Host: You should get used to it because it's kind of beijing's tradition to have this as a punishment! Just now we've got all of you to expose each other's secrets, you must know each other really well right. Also there is EXO-K which develops in korea, what is your relationship? Do you interact often? You train together right

Kris: Yes

Host: Do you stay together?

Kris: No we stay in separate dorms but we meet at the company, train and have meals together

Host: Do you all chat with each other? Like to talk about what happens during your promotions

Kris: Yes we do through SMS

Host: now we will have the K and M's secret's exposed! Everyone choose a number

Lay: 1

Host: Kai! Are you close to Kai?

Lay: Yes we are very close. He looks really cool onstage but he's actually really mischievous and for example when he wants food he'll do aegyo.

Host: So is he similar to Tao ?

Lay: Kai is slightly more mature. Also in korea when we go out for meals it's always the older one who foots the bills that's why. And we share a common interest for dance and I hope he would take note of his waist injuries

Kris: 2!

Host: Chanyeol! Are you really close to him?

Kris: Yes we're close. He's really cheerful, really daring and doesn't have a really cold personality. And because he is younger than I am

Host: So do you have to treat him to meals too?

Kris: Sigh ... definitely

Host: What is his role in K?

Kris: He is also the rapper, but he's better at faster raps and I focus on the slower parts

Host: So you practise tongue twisters together?

Kris: yeah

Chen: 3

Host: Suho! What is his role in K?

Chen: Suho is EXO-K's leader

Host: So he's like Kris in your group, does he take care of you a lot interact and make the decisions?

Chen: Suho takes care of everyone a lot like how Kris does as well. He would tell us a lot of stuffs and treat us to food. We've actually make a date to eat together but now that we are in china I haven't got to eat with him. I really miss him

Host: Bring roasted duck back for him!

Chen: I will in the future

Luhan: 4!

Host: Sehun! What is his role in the group?

Luhan: He focuses on dance more

Host: Are you close to sehun? Do you have any stories between yourselves

Luhan: Yes we are pretty close, Sehun ah.. He loves pearl milktea a lot so we always go get milktea together everyday

Host: So does he cling to other members as well like Tao, would he request to have you treat him too

Luhan: Yes

Host: Tao! Talk about Baekhyun

Tao: Baekhyun has the same horoscope as me

Host: What is your horoscope?

Tao: Taurus

Host: Both of you really love money right, who pays for things when the both of you go out together

Tao: Yes I pay. I like paying for everyone whenever I go out.

Host: But when you go out with kris you don't have to pay right

Tao: Nope! Baekhyun is really gentle and mature. He doesn't ever get angry!

Host: Lastly Xiumin, D.O.!

Xiumin: D.O. has a really similar personality to me!

Host: So is he a bun too?

Xiumin: D.O. also really likes eating but he doesn't get fat!

Host: D.O. is also really cute right

Xiumin: Yes, cute!!

Host: Who is cuter, you or D.O.?

Members: Xiumin!

Xiumin: Thank you!

Host: Xiumin can you do aegyo for us

[xiumin does it]

Host: We just shared more information about M and K, will there be future collaborations?

Kris: Yes there will be

Host: During the showcase everyone was here

Kris: Yes but because we've just debuted so both groups are busy, but in the future there will be chances where we will perform together

Host: So since we have M here today, would you like to leave a message for EXO-K today?

Kris: K members, I am M's member Kris. How are the promotions going with all of you? We are really working hard in china as well, we hope all of you are working hard too, and hope we will meet soon and perform as 12 for our fans

Host: Is there a specific member you want to speak to?

Kris: I would talk about chanyeol. Chanyeol! I know you'll do well with your rap, let's work hard together!

Host: sounds like competition!

Lay: I'll talk about kai! Kai I really miss the times when we practised dancing together, please look after your waist injuries. If there's time we'll practise more togther!

Luhan: Sehun ah, please take care of your body! Thanks all

Xiumin: D.O. ah, hello. I always tell you not to be nervous when speaking but now I'm nervous myself. Let's work hard together, fighting!

Host: Tell D.O. that you're cuter!

Xiumin: D.O. ah, I'm cuter!

Tao: I would like to talk about every member! I would like to say that I really miss all of you..

Host: Don't worry, there will be chances to meet each other! Tao is really true with his feelings and he cares for everyone ah

Chen: Suho hyung! How are you, I'm working really hard here, as the leader of EXO-K you're doing really well. Until the day when EXO-K and EXO-M perform on China's stage together as EXO, everyong fighting!

Host: Let's give tao a piece of tissue he's still really emotional

Tao: Sorry I don't even know why I'm tearing. I just really miss each and everyone of them so much

Host: It feels like you haven't met each other for some time, but I believe that EXO will be really successful and appear in more shows in the future although you've split into two groups right now. 12th of April, what date is it?

Everyone: Sehun!

Host: What about 20th April!

Everyone: Luhan

Host: Have you thought of what presents to get?

Kris: In preparation

Host: We have prepared a birthday cake for him here too. Happy Birthday! Do you want to help him light the cake and sing a birthday song?

[EXO-M celebrates]

Host: Luhan make a wish!

Luhan: Do I say it out?

Host: Say one out and make a silent wish as well

Luhan: I hope EXO will be together happily forever

Host: OKay let's blow the candles! Happy Birthday! This is the first present yinyuetai is giving all of you and I hope EXO will remain happy everyday. Have all of you celebrated a birthday as 12 in korea before?

Luhan: Yes we've celebrated as 12 before

Host: This cake is for you and also for sehun who's in korea right now. We also have this present for all of you, from fans! It's the first time receiving a present right? It consists of fan's photos and messages to to all of you!

EXO-M: Yes it's the first time

Host: Choose one message to read!

Kris: This line is really good. EXO, History will go on!

Host: Let's hope EXO will have more chances to perform with us alright. And we have a tiny present for all of you, which is a nickname for each of you!

EXO-M: Thank you so much

Host: Lastly please say goodbye to all the fans, using your own way of greeting

EXO-M: We are one! Thank you!

Host: Thank you EXO-M wishing that all of you will be successful with your promotions in China, thank you!

Trans by: heechvl@twitter heecups@tumblr

EXO-K Official site Update

EXO-K Contest And Promoting "MAMA"

Music Bank - EXO-K [VIDEO]

(from the left) ChanYeol, D.O, JQ, Kai, Se Hun, Su Ho, Baek Hyun
Kai Got shocked

So Proud of themmm.. ♡(*´∀`*)人(*´∀`*)♡

EXO-K -Music Bank info

20 April - Music Bank (6:10 PM KST)
For live streaming go HERE

EXO-K heading to Music Bank (120420)

(SHINee and EXO-K are having the same dressing room)

Boys heading To SBS Music Bank:
Baek Hyun
Su Ho
Se Hun
Se Hun, Su Ho, D.O
Su Ho & Baek Hyun
Se Hun
Se Hun
D.O, Baek Hyun, D.O, ChanYeol (in the Back)
Su Ho
 D.O & Baek Hyun
Su Ho
Se Hun & Kai
Se Hun & Kai
Baek Hyun
Baek Hyun
 Su Ho & Kai
 Su Ho, Kai
 Kai, D.O
ChanYeol, D.O, Baek Hyun, Su Ho 
 ChaneYeol, D.O, Su Ho
 Kai, Se Hun, ChanYeol, D.O
Kai & Su Ho

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