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Friday, May 4, 2012

EXO-K For Sports Korea

A new group came out from SM Entertainment 2 years ago, but EXO-K is the first male idolgroup after 4 years. With them appearing, this year’s competition for the rookie singer award is getting even more fierce. They started on March 31st with their showcase, with the song ‘MAMA’ EXO-K is currently promoting, it’s the revival of SM Entertainment’s performance music (SMP) that disappeared after DBSK, this makes the fans emotional. We’re introducing to you EXO-K’s 6 members’ charms that have 6 colors different from the strong men’s image we see on stage.
 # The group’s guardian, leader Suho

“My biggest charm is of course my heart that cherishes and loves the members. As the leader who guards the member, my name became Suho (T/N: Guardian in Korean) too. Since I started my training in 2006, I’ve been a trainee for the longest time.”
  # Bronzed dancing machine Kai

“My speciality is dancing. Like ballet, jazz, hip-hop, popping, etc. My role in the team is…, the darkness (of his skin)? I’m the one with the sexy bronzed skin. Isn’t that why I’m the one wearing the sleeveless outfit?(laughs)”

 # Musician ‘National Good Teeth’ Chanyeol

“My charms are my low voice and my nice teeth?(laughs) People around me call me ‘National Good Teeth’. I also know how to play the guitar, drums, bass, and the djembe. My specialities are rapping and acting.”
# Eyeliner charming man Baekhyun

“My charm is my eyeline? My double eyelids aren’t really visible. You can feel the eyeliner’s breathtaking charm.(laughs) I’m a man that combines the manliness’ appeal with the hapkido and the sensitivity too with the piano.”
 # 3 minutes chef D.O

“My everything is a charm. I’m always sincere. I can even cook well. There’s that cooking that ‘you can do in 3 minutes’. I’m even developping a new menu. Like putting kimchi in the pasta. There’s also the method of serving food when the members are starving.” (T/N: Meaning that everything tastes good when you’re hungry…)
# Milky skin maknae Sehun

“My biggest charm is of course the cuteness that only the maknae can have. As opposed to Kai hyung I have a milky(T/N: Pale) skin. Because I’m really white, when the two of us are standing next to each other, we get called ‘Black and White’.” 

source: sports korea
translation cr; emilie @ exok-trans

EXO-K Interview For Sports Hankoki

SM Entertainment is the country’s best entertainment company. The artists they produce become stars right away. Being the first male idol group debuting under SM Entertainment after SHINee four years ago, EXO-K is gathering a lot of attention. Before their official debut, they released 23 video teasers for 100 days and raised the anticipation. It has now been one month since their first showcase that took place last March 31st. EXO-K is quickly adapting and putting down their roots.

“I can’t give a good grade to our performance at the showcase. We prepared a lot of things. But since it was our first performance, everything disappeared from our minds.” (Baekhyun)

To the question “What did you prepare?” he replied “Ever since our heads rest on that day, I still can’t remember what we prepared” and laughed.

Chanyeol then started talking : “Still, one month later, we can see how much we’ve improved” showing his confidence.

“The Super Junior and SHINee seniors also gave us pieces of advice and told us what to fix. Focusing on certain elements while practicing allows us to become aware of more things such as the way we look at the camera or how to dance and control our expressions cooly.” (Chanyeol)

EXO-K’s debut song is “MAMA”. It’s about the worries concerning the society of the 21st in which no one communicates and everyone is locked because of digital equipments such as cellphones or computers. In this track, humans ask their god, Mother Earth, how they’re supposed to live. The sound is as ample as the sincerity of the message.

“Since the electronic genre is combined with an orchestra sound, you can feel a solem atmosphere in this song. I liked the fact [MAMA] was different from the other tracks like “History” or “Two Moons” (Sehun)

The orchestra’s magnificient and stimulating melody has a flavor that reminds of H.O.T’s music. This is the revival of the SM Music Performance, also known as the “SMP” genre.

“There hasn’t been any chance to show the “SMP” for quite while. Using it for our debut is the first try in a while.

Hearing people are reminded of our seniors when they look at us is an honor. This is probably the moment I feel the most proud” (Chanyeol)

The composition of a rivalry is as appealing as the revival of “SMP”. Just like the competitions that took place between the best rivals of their eras such as H.O.T and Sech Kies or DBSK and SS501, it feels like the same is about to happen between EXO and AJAX.

“We are not going to think of them as our rivals. Shouldn’t we help each other to run towards our dreams? Our surroundings are probably going to think of each other as rivals but eventually, I think we will be able to send each other positive energy.” (Kai)

To “How did you manage to keep the group so relaxed but still respectful”, EXO-K, with an average age of 20,5, replied “We hold family councils.” Every Saturday evening, the members gather in the dorm to reveal what’s in their hearts. The idea comes from the leader, Suho.

“We start by complimenting each other. Then we discuss the points that have to be fixed. If there are none, we either chat or we sometimes even play around. Even when we don’t have anything particular to say, we never miss this meeting. As the leader, I don’t feel any difficulty so there seems to be none because we solve everything by talking.

Going from one to five years, every EXO-K member went through a different period of training. No matter how different from each other they were, through their efforts, the members managed to unite.

“Because Kai’s video teaser was released first, he is the most popular member, haha. We will work hard to make sure all the members receive an even amount of love. We will not damage the road that has been cleaned up by our seniors.” (Suho)

source : Sports Hankook
translation cr; saphira @ exok-trans

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