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Thursday, May 10, 2012

EXO-K Interview For Sports Chosun

Aspiring celebrities consider SM Entertainment (aka SM) as one of the hardest places to get into.

The reason is, the first hurdle to get through to become a big star like BoA, DBSK or SNSD, is to get acknowledged. However, it’s been said that when the SM trainees are accepted, it is only the beginning of their hardship because to reach the second hurdle, the debut, the trainees have to take part in a neverending competition among themselves.

EXO-K who just debuted with much difficulty, opened up about their life as SM trainees and their activities after their debut.

▶What are the words SM trainees hate to hear the most?

Even if they are part of the same team, each member had a different training period.

The leader, Suho, became a trainee in 2006 and went through six years of training whereas Baekhyun only had one. Only dreaming about debuting ever since his third year of middle school, Suho who endured pain for a long time sometimes felt depressed. However, Suho stated with a smile “I want to tell (the trainees) to go for it no matter how it is. People who try will succeed”.

After a while of being a trainee, similarly to when you get rookies in the army who are older than you, the ranks can be often confusing. In this situation, you have to give priority to the eldest.
More than the intensive schedule and the occasional injuries caused by the choreographies, the hardest for trainees is to see juniors they’ve practiced with debut first just like what happened to Suho with SHINee.

What does debuting mean to trainees? EXO-K replied, smiling “Debuting is every trainee’s dream. Moreover it’s the proof we have fulfilled this dream.” In addition, they disclosed their pains as trainees and how distressing for them it was to hear their surroundings ask questions such as “When are you debuting?” or “Are they really SM trainees?”

▶How to pick a good agency?

Seeing the recent issues with trainees, they spoke up about the way to pick the right agency.

EXO-K explained “The most important thing is to never go to an agency that asks for money. Plus, you have to check the agency’s website and meticulously check who the celebrities they debuted are. Then you should be able to distinguish the bad and good agencies.”

The name EXO comes from the word EXOPLANET, which is a planet outside of our solar system, meaning they are the new stars coming from an unknown world.

Just like their name, they received a lot of attention before their debut. The reason is because they are split into two teams, EXO-K and EXO-M, and promote at the same time in Korea and China. EXO-K is made of Suho, Kai, Chanyeol, Sehun, Baekhyun and D.O while EXO-M’s members are Kris, Luhan, Tao, Lay, Xiumin and Chen.

Their debut song, “MAMA”, was produced by Yoo Young Jin and signals the revival of the SM Music Performance genre (SMP).

EXO-K and EXO-M are respectively promoting this song in Korean and Chinese. The members thus explained: “It is the same song but the feeling is different. While EXO-K’s version includes raspy singing and oozes a magnificient feeling, EXO-M’s is sang in a higher tone, creating a pure feeling”.
▶EXO-K and EXO-M, even though we are separated for now…

Their debut album includes six tracks and to show EXO’s various charms, each song evokes a different appeal.

Among them, “History” is a cool dance song that mixes a fresh and bouncing percussion beat with a strong and addictive melody and “What is Love” is a track led by the vintage feel of an electric guitar.

Besides, “Two Moons” features SHINee’s Key, adding more freshness to the album.

The perfectly prepared former SM trainees who just debuted still cannot realize they did it “Because we were still unexperimented, our heads would go blank everytime we were filmed. But we told ourselves it would get better with time.

Even though EXO is currently split and promoting in Korea and China, they’re all doing their best and waiting for the day they will stand on the same stage. EXO-K revealed “Right now, we’re using our manager’s phone to communicate with EXO-M who is currently promoting in China via video call in order to comfort each other. However, after each other succeeds, at the end of the year, we will hold special stages as a 12-membered group”.

source: Nate
translation cr; saphira @ exok-trans

Lay Replays On EXO's Fan Board


Subject: Yixing, are you still writing songs now?

Message: Yixing, I’ve heard your compositions previously and I feel that you’re really talented!! Especially <想你想你> , the rap at the ending was really good, there’s a wang li hom and jay chou feel to it. Although initially I was attracted to your dancing skills, I also hope that you would showcase your composition skills because it is a rare talent for idols . Noona supports your compositions!~ ^_^

Lay: Thank you all of you for liking the songs I write. Basically I get inspirations every day, if the inspirations do come I’ll start writing and composing. Recently I have been writing many songs but they are all not perfect, I really wish I could have more time to learn different aspects of writing music so that in the future I can present my works to everyone


Subject: Taiwan fans asking for blessings

Message: Taiwanese fans really want to meet you, but even if you guys do come I won’t be able to go because of university exams in September TTTTTTTTTTT I’m having a test tomorrow please tell me to go study Q___Q Also if you can, please tell me to work hard and get into a good university Q__Q Oppa please work hard <3
P.s. Xing xing oppa when will you appear T_T?

Lay: Hello and thank you all fans from Taiwan. Really thankful for the support you’ve given me. I hope you’ll work hard and that the encouragement I’ve given you will help you. If we do get the chance, we’ll definitely go to Taiwan to meet fans, look forward to us haha


Subject: Zhang Yixing , you were the best today (Even though I didn’t see you with my own eyes)

Message: I’ve seen the photos of you on my weibo and you were really different from yesterday, you were so calm and quiet yesterday while today you’re filled with life and so cheerful 0(n_n)0 haha~ Work hard! I’ve seen you saying that you liked being home so we’re waiting for you here~ Thank you for mentioning that you love China fans yesterday, I was touched for one day and night~ I hope that you can be cute and handsome like you were today~~~~ And please give us endless hearts~~~~ We are waiting for you to return, although it’s a really difficult and long wait but we are happy~~ As long as you are~~~ We are happy too ~~~

Lay: Hello, I miss all of you too, wait for me, I’ll be back very soon!


Subject: Yixing I am a fan from Singapore, please say a few words?

Message: I really like you a lot

Lay: hello, thank you for your support


Subject: Unicorn Xingtuo please heal me T.T

Message: Today I’ve seen you gesturing hearts and giving your love and I’m dying because of it. The only legendary to revive me is to receive a reply from unicorn xingtuo. Can you please be humane and reach out your healing hands T.T

Lay: Heals heals healing haha


Subject: LAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! Will you watch happy camp?

Message: Happy camp is such a hilarious show, every member in M will play a part in it right?

Lay: Happy camp is a variety show I’ve been watching since young. I love all of the hosts and they took care of us really well. Actually I watch Happy Camp every week and I hope everyone would like this programme


Subject: Zhang Yixing if you don’t reply me I’m not giving you any spicy food!

Message: Hahaha xing xing oppa I’ve been keeping track of updates of you for years already, the other time during La Musique I even went to the venue, and I remember that your mum was sitting at the back with us~ I know you’ve probably had a pretty hard time in this 4 years when you’re in Korea but now that you’ve debuted I’m happy for you~ I have an exam tomorrow and I’m really nervous! Love you ^_^

Lay: Thank you, I can’t take spicy food even though I’m from Hunan T0T


Subject: I’m begging you xing xing oppa~ I’m here to give the kids who sweep all the top charts some encouragement

Message: The few of you have been topping charts haven’t you! Three in a row right~~~ !!! We’ve always been voting for you ~~~ !!! Please give us some encouragement T-T I’m begging you ~~~ Xing xing oppa

Lay: Thank you everyone who has left a message, I’m really glad, thank you. It’s been hard on all of you, haha


Subject: Yixing opp I’m a fan from Hong Kong!! Really great!!

Message: Your dimples are so cute, please smile more~ Of course, when you don’t smile you are really handsome too. The most attractive part of you is your dancing skills and also the talent to compose songs! And also the really mischievous personality! Work hard, if only you could come to Hong Kong~ However, it doesn’t matter where you are, I’ll always be supporting you!! Fighting!! (I have an exam tomorrow, please give me some encouragements? ^^) Love you!!

Lay: Hello and thank you for the care and concern Hong Kong fans have for us. I would really like to visit Hong Kong (along with the other members) Haha


Subject: Zhang Yixing when you were still studying did you go climbing at Yuelu Mountains often?

Message: Finally got to see you come here, I’m really glad. Changsha kid, really cheerful ahahahaha!! My results are not good enough to allow admittance to «The High School Attached to Hunan Normal University» and I can’t be your junior so I’m feeling a little disappointed! What am I saying == I’m uttering so much crap! During Happy Camp filming I went to see you!! All of you were so dashing which makes me feel really inferior. In the future if you do get another chance please come back to Changsha~ Xia Yu He* will be waiting for all of you! [waves goodbye]
*A character from the show «The Return of The Pearl Princess»

Lay: Keep working hard!


Subject: Zhang Yixing have you been to Zhejiang before

Message: The citizens of Zhejiang welcome all of you !!! Please come here soon, many fans really miss you, 5555555

Lay: I want to go too, I’ve heard that it’s a beautiful place, hehe! (Along with the other members)


Subject: Xing Tuo!!! I’ve sent many messages but you just keep ignoring me!!! I’m upset!!!

Message: Xing Xing oppa~~~ I’m pleading you to reply!!! Xing Xing oppa you have to work hard~~~ And eat more!!! You are so skinny it hurts me!!! I’ve bought a lot of tidbits for you ~~~ Come back to China for fansigns soon!!!

Lay: Thank you, I can’t reply to all the messages and I’m apologetic about it, sorry~ TT


Lay: I’ve seen all your messages and I’m really glad and touched. I don’t know what I can for the fans but just by seeing all of you, I’m already really happy and all of you make me feel the warmth. Thank you so much. Because I can’t reply to messages one by one and also fans who leave messages every day, I am really sorry about it, sorry. When I return to China I will give you all a huge amount of love, alright?

Note: This are only the translations for Lay’s replies in Chinese

Trans by heechvl @ galaex

EXO-K the star

“Careless careless Shoot anonymous” <MAMA> starts with an imposing, no superior orchestra, EXO-K who are casting a spell on Earthlings with it, came from a planet outside of this solar system (EXO PLANET). The alien ET from the old movie <ET> was small, had big eyes, and his husky voice was shocking, but these 6 members are shocking the whole world with their perfect visuals.

# Suho

Leader Suho who dreams of becoming actor has this habit of looking at the camera. During the interview, he was looking at the camera while blinking his big eyes. He must have strong actor instincts. He listened to the reporter’s words and grabbed Kai’s shoulders as naturally as possible to show a set-up shot. Kai who was surprised when Suho suddenly grabbed his shoulder let out a ‘What?’, Suho winked.

# Baekhyun

Baekhyun suddenly appeared in front of the two people looking greedily at the camera with a ‘even when seeing the end, he’s still hungry’ look (T/N: MAMA’s lyrics). He was looking only staring at the camera without caring about Suho considerately putting his arms around his shoulders. He then stared at Suho with a cold look, and they brightly laughed as they were looking at each other. Truthfully, we couldn’t feel at all that Baekhyun was the last member to join the team. In the end he took his nametag with Chanyeol and made chic and cute expressions, disarming the Earthlings once again.

# Chanyeol

Chanyeol’s superpower is the fire control, during the interview he showed an innocent smile and even teeth. He didn’t show his teeth only on the selcas, he backhugged D.O while smiling mischieviously and proved that he was a Teeth Rich. Chanyeol’s stare and bright smile when he stares at the camera opposes with their title song ‘MAMA”s line ‘Won’t we look at each other in the eye again?’.

# D.O

The side profile of D.O looking blankly at the pictures on the wall with Chanyeol is beautiful. The white in D.O’s big eyes is his charm’s point. In contrast with Baekhyun and Chanyeol, D.O has a quiet personality, he is calm and taciturn. But he seems to have this charm of attracting people even if he’s not talking. During the interview, D.O looks at the person talking with piercing eyes making her feel nervous, when other people are talking he doesn’t blink at all and listen cautiously and with concentration.

# Kai

The other focused member is Kai. He was so absorbed in preparing his personal introduction for the upcoming interview that he stayed motionless even when the camera came in. Kai only smiled brightly and showed his flower boy image when the Earthling’s camera persistently attacked, each picture taken during the interview was full of sexiness. The image of Kai touching his lips while looking at Suho while slightly biting them is really sexy.

# Sehun

Sehun is proud of his long arms and legs, and his long long eyelashes on his white skin. We’re really wondering what kind of planet is EXOPLANET for them to look so different from Earthlings. As soon as maknae Sehun’s photoshoot started, the members stood in line and looked at him as if they were looking at a child out on a beach. Sehun told them “Hyungs go away~” and even if he waved them away, the members just smiled as they were monitoring each one of his moves. There was only the music from KBS’ <Human Theater> going “Ddalalala~Lala” missing and we felt an affection so deep that we felt like crying.

Isn’t EXO-K members’ brotherly love what’s supporting their strength and superpowers? During the photoshoot, they were adjusting each other’s clothes, monitoring each other, showing that they were one. Moreover, it’s not only with EXO-K’s six members, they showed they were really missing EXO-M’s members who were in China. EXO-K are still rookies who are unfamiliar with the cameras and make mistakes on stage but, just as their chants of “WE ARE ONE”, we can already say that their brother-love filled words at their showcase, “We are a group that will last for a long time” is going to come true.

On May 11th, the group EXO-K’s HD Interviews will be released on the different star stories ‘The Star’( and we’re holding an interview comment event giving away signed polaroids (6 members) and <MAMA> miniposters(6 members). It’s from the 11th to the 17th, the announcement will be made on the 18th.

source: the star
translation cr; emilie @ exok-trans

EXO-K D.O Fro Newsen

"I really can't watch the 'superior orchestra' video"

EXO-K’s D.O’s real name is Do Kyungsoo, he’s born on January 12th 1993, his blood type is A. He was selected through SM’s casting system in 2010 and then started to prepare to become a singer. His specialities are singing and beatboxing.

It’s interesting to know how D.O got his stage name but somehow, rather than his nickname, his real name is easier to say. D.O as well said “Truthfully, I can’t get used to it either. The members too call me by my real name more than my stage name” and Chanyeol next to him agreed and added“We’re not familiar with it either”.

On April 8th, at SBS ‘Inkigayo’, the day they had their debut stage, D.O’s ‘superior orchestra’ interview left a deep impression and it made us want to meet him the most. His anxious image when he gets ready for each interview is easily noticeable and it gives him a cute little brotherly feeling.

“It wasn’t like that during the (debut stage’s) rehearsal. I personally think I did well during the rehearsal but thinking it was a live broadcast, I couldn’t remember the word “imposing”, I could only remember it started with “im” (T/N: The words “imposing” and “superior” start the same way in Korean Woongjanghan/Woowolhan). I couldn’t remember how you said it. I really can’t watch that video.”

Because of his big eyes, D.O gives a strong ‘kind and weak’ feeling but he also looks very stubborn “We had to post a message on our official homepage and I told them to write “Heart” but then I saw they changed it to an emoticon. So I asked them to change it back to “Heart”. I don’t really like emoticons.”

When we asked D.O what musician he was looking up to, he replied Yoo Youngjin who’s working at SM. D.O said “I saw him write and compose for our upcoming ‘MAMA’ promotions as we recorded, I thought he was someone I really had a lot to learn from. I admire him a lot.”

During this interview that wasn’t a broadcast, he didn’t look nervous at all and talked nicely but at the sudden question ‘Is there anything you want to say?’, he gave us again a model answer “Give us a lot of love and attention, please” raising a laugh.

source: newsen
translation cr; emilie @ exok-trans

EXO-K Genie App

Se Hun
 Baek Hyun & D.O
Se Hun & Kai
Su Ho & Kai
ChanYeol & Se Hun
I've just watched them all to see every member giving the present at the end :D

Xiu Min Replys On EXO's Fan Board 120509

[FAN] Oppa….. T_T I am so nervous T______T
I won the lottery for the Youngdeungpo fansign T_________T
I’ll run to you after school……. I love you T______T Euaaaah eauiehaiuhea
[XIUMIN] Hello~ This is EXO-M’s dumpling XIUMIN~~^^
You’re really coming to see us??
I want to see you too~~ keke
What about tomorrow?

[XIUMIN] Hello~ This is EXO-M’s dumpling XIUMIN~~^^
This is EXO-M’s dumpling !! Xiumin~
We couldn’t write messages yesterday
So I’ll be writing on the Korean fanboard
While Tao will leave messages on the Chinese one
I’ll read every single message you leave ! keke

[FAN] I want to see you
What am I supposed to do T___T
[XIUMIN] Hello~ This is EXO-M’s dumpling XIUMIN~~^^
If you come to see us then it’ll work~?? keke
You’ll always be welcome♥

[FAN] I can’t focus on my homework because of you oppa, please leave me a reply asap T_T !!
Oppa, please tell me to go study or wish me luck for my exams T___T!!!
[XIUMIN] Hello~ This is EXO-M’s dumpling XIUMIN~~^^
If I leave you a reply you won’t be able to talk to me;;
But you’re still going to study right???kekeke
Study diligently~ Pass your exams so you’ll be able to get into university^^

[FAN] Who is the mom in EXO-M? The one who cooks [for the others] !
I don’t live in Seoul so I can’t go to see EXO-M T_T
I really really want to see you and cheer for you !
Did you have dinner?
D.O is the one in charge of cooking delicious meals in EXO-K so
Who’s the mom in EXO-M? hehe
[XIUMIN] Hello~ This is EXO-M’s dumpling XIUMIN~~^^
In M, Lay is the cooking mom
While I’m the mom who cleans kekeke

[FAN] I am going to learn Chinese !
Because I have to understand the EXO-M oppas’ interviews !
Please support me hehe
[XIUMIN] Hello~ This is EXO-M’s dumpling XIUMIN~~^^
Let’s study Chinese together !!
I also have to work hard….
I have to be better than our fans!! keke

[FAN] I am depressed because I can’t go the fansign today T____T
I really wanted to go T______T
I’m so depressed;; T_T
[XIUMIN] Hello~ This is EXO-M’s dumpling XIUMIN~~^^
You can’t come tomorrow??
Are you not coming to see me T_T…
You seem quite busy~
If there’s a chance let’s meet !!
I will remember this day kekeke

[FAN] Minseok-ah T_T Are you not going to have activities in Korea?????? Hm??
Minseok-ah ♡♡♡♡♡
Just reply with a heart before leaving T________T
[XIUMIN] Hello~ This is EXO-M’s dumpling XIUMIN~~^^
We are continuously promoting into everyone’s hearts ^^ kekeke

[FAN] Minseok-ah, why didn’t you draw a heart
The other five members drew a heart next to my name
But you’re the only one who didn’t T_______________T
Do it now please T_______T
I love you T_________________T

[XIUMIN] Hello~ This is EXO-M’s dumpling XIUMIN~~^^

[FAN] Minseok-ah T__T? I’m an EXO-M stan..
I was with my friends today but I was left behind so I’m in a gloomy mood.. T_T
But looking at EXO-M pictures when I came back home made me happy again T_T So happy I feel like crying T_____T
Friends are useless… right…???!!
I like EXO-M a lot, I like you a lot Minseok T_T♥♥♥♥
[XIUMIN] Hello~ This is EXO-M’s dumpling XIUMIN~~^^
Do you really like me a lot??
Me too~!!♥

[FAN] Is there any type of Korean food you think of when you’re in China?
Nuna can probably not make it for you
But if there’s a chance… !!!!!
When you’re in China I don’t think you can eat a lot of Korean food
So what’s the [Korean] meal you think of the most?
[XIUMIN] Hello~ This is EXO-M’s dumpling XIUMIN~~^^
All~ the chinese food is tasty keke
But still, a meal I think of…
Food made by my mom T_T

[FAN] Minseok oppa ! Who’s the cook in EXO-M?
Minseok oppa~ Who’s the self-proclaimed cook in EXO-M?
Who’s the mom~ hehehehehe
In K, it’s Kyungsoo hehe the 3-minute cook hehehehe
[XIUMIN] Hello~ This is EXO-M’s dumpling XIUMIN~~^^
It’s Lay !!
The food he cooks is really~~ keke

[FAN] Minseok oppa, thank you for being born
I love you ♡♡♡♡
[XIUMIN] Hello~ This is EXO-M’s dumpling XIUMIN~~^^
You too, thanks for being born^^

[FAN] This is the Chinese I prepared for you !!
I love you~
This is the Chinese I prepared for you !!
[XIUMIN] Hello~ This is EXO-M’s dumpling XIUMIN~~^^
Thanks ^^
I love you ♡

[FAN] Minseok-ah~ Can nuna call you oppa?
Mi…Minseok.. O…Oppa!!
I want to call you Minseok oppa.. Ha..
[XIUMIN] Hello~ This is EXO-M’s dumpling XIUMIN~~^^
Call me oppa~
Only believe in oppa kekeke weh~~~

[FAN] Minseok-ah what did you do when you met with the K kids?
It’s been a while since you’ve been in Korea
What did you do when you met with the K kids?
I am too curious T_T
[XIUMIN] Hello~ This is EXO-M’s dumpling XIUMIN~~^^
When we met with the K kids…
Hugged each other tight^^ kekeke

[FAN] Oppa ! Charisma or cuteness?
What do you like better oppa, charisma or cuteness?
[XIUMIN] Hello~ This is EXO-M’s dumpling XIUMIN~~^^
A cute and charismatic dumpling?
I want to be both kekeke
I’m going to have both [charisma and cuteness]

[FAN] Minseok-oppa, what did you sing during the contest in which you got ranked 2nd?
So I can listen to this song
Please tell me
It’s not hard to leave a reply
[XIUMIN] Hello~ This is EXO-M’s dumpling XIUMIN~~^^
Emerald Castle - Step

[FAN] If you leave me a reply, I won’t eat you~~~~~♥
Hello Xiumin
Accept my heart hehe
I love you♥♥
[XIUMIN] Hello~ This is EXO-M’s dumpling XIUMIN~~^^
I won’t get eaten„„,keke

[FAN] Oppa do you want to do a dance battle against me?
I am confident enough to dance well hehehehehe
I also want to go ainst Jongdae oppa kekekekekekeke
Xiuminseok jjang!!♡
[XIUMIN] Hello~ This is EXO-M’s dumpling XIUMIN~~^^
Dance Machine Chen… Who said that !! keke

[FAN] If you don’t leave me a reply I will hate you oppa !!!!!
I want to hate you even if I can’t T______T
[XIUMIN] Hello~ This is EXO-M’s dumpling XIUMIN~~^^
Since I just replied to you
You can keep on liking me kekeke

[FAN] Minseok-ah !! You’re handsome !!!
Who said you were a baoizu after seeing you?
You’re not, you’re a handsome baozu !!
[XIUMIN] Hello~ This is EXO-M’s dumpling XIUMIN~~^^
I’m embarrassed;; keke

[FAN] Minseok-ah I like you !!!!!!!!!!
So please give me a reply T_T
[XIUMIN] Hello~ This is EXO-M’s dumpling XIUMIN~~^^
I like you too !!!♡

[FAN] Minseok oppa who oozes coolness please look at this once !!!!
I am about to sleep ><
Good night~~~
What’s good night in Chinese?
Anyways good night oppa~~~~
[XIUMIN] Hello~ This is EXO-M’s dumpling XIUMIN~~^^
Wan an~ (Good night)♡

[FAN] Minseok-ah, if you have a Rubiks Cube match against Luhan, who’s going to win?
I heard Luhan was good at playing with the Rubiks Cube
[XIUMIN] Hello~ This is EXO-M’s dumpling XIUMIN~~^^
Rubiks Cube…
I am sure I’m going to ruin it !! kekeke
Luhannie is better at it;; hing T_T

[FAN] Minseok-ah, leave a dot here so nuna can go and work
Nuna has to work right now but I can’t and I keep on staying here
Leave a dot here !! So I can go to work !!
Minseok I love you >_<
[XIUMIN] Hello~ This is EXO-M’s dumpling XIUMIN~~^^

Dot !

[FAN] Oppa you’re too much
Why do you make people suffer like this
ToT Xiumin you’re an idiot
[XIUMIN] Hello~ This is EXO-M’s dumpling XIUMIN~~^^
You’re an idiot too ^^♡

[FAN] ♥Minseok oppa♥ Oppa you left something at the fansign in Cheong Ryang Ni
Oppa your handsomeness T______T (T/N : It’s a pun on handsome and seaweed) You left it in Cheongnyangni T________T
I’ll go to Youngdeungpo to give it back to you~~♥♥ You were so jjang today *_* !!! kekeke
[XIUMIN] Hello~ This is EXO-M’s dumpling XIUMIN~~^^
What did I leave behind !?
What is it….
Is it my heart……♡

[FAN] If I get a reply from you Minseok I’m gonna die….
From happiness…….
T___T So Minseokie is being considerate
And not replying T______T You’re really nice T______T seriously T_____T
keke Minseok-ah I like you kekekekekekekekekekekeke
[XIUMIN] Hello~ This is EXO-M’s dumpling XIUMIN~~^^
So if I leave you a reply you’re going to die…??? keke
Ay die bbyong♡

[FAN] Minseok-ah nuna isn’t really important but there’s something I’m curious about !
Minseokie do you like potatoes or sweet potatoes better?
If you read this, leave me a reply… T_________T……….
[XIUMIN] Hello~ This is EXO-M’s dumpling XIUMIN~~^^
I like pumpkin kekeke

[FAN] Oppa if you don’t reply to me I’m not going to see you tomorrow~
See you on my screen tomorrow again T_T
Since I can’t go [to the fansign]…
[XIUMIN] Hello~ This is EXO-M’s dumpling XIUMIN~~^^
Since I left a reply
You’re going to see us right??? ke
See you tomorrow~~

[FAN] Xiuminseok ! Since you had a fansign today your hand hurts right!
Nuna will blow~ on it kekekeke
I love you~♡
[XIUMIN] Hello~ This is EXO-M’s dumpling XIUMIN~~^^
If it’s for you guys
My wrist will be fine !! kekekeke
Don’t worry^^

[XIUMIN] Hello~ This is EXO-M’s dumpling XIUMIN~~^^
I am sorry I couldn’t reply to all your messages T_T
Next time I will move my fingers at the speed of the light !!
I was really happy to meet everyone closely at the fansign ^^ keke
You will come again tomorrow right??? If you don’t I will be a bit„ sad…ke
I really really liked being able to discuss with everyone !!! Ang♡
Good night~♥
Ah !!! See you at the fansigns tomorrow in Youngdeungpo and on Friday in Incheon~~ Good night^^

translation cr; saphira, xuan @ exom-trans/ exok-trans

EXO-K Weibo Update

Thank you all fans who came to Busan and Daejeon fansigns, we have to meet up more often in the future alright~ EXO-K
trans: heechvl

EXO-M second fan signing

 Xiu Min & Tao
 Xiu Min & Tao
Kris, Lay
Xiu Min, Lu Han
Lu Han & Xiu Min
Lu Han & Xiu Min
Lu Han 
Lu Han & Xiu Min
Lu Han, Xiu Min, Tao, Kris, Lay, Chen
Xiu Min
 Lu Han
 Lu Han
Lu Han
Lu Han & Xiu Min
 Lu Han & Xiu Min
Xiu Min
Lu Han
Tao & Kris
 Lu Han
 Lu Han
 Lu Han
Lu Han
Lu Han
 Lu Han
 Lu Han
Lu Han
Lu Han
Lu Han
Lu Han & Xiu Min
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