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Thursday, October 11, 2012

121011 EXO-M Lay Fanboard replies

FAN] Lay~
Have you become paler recently? In a handsome way!

[LAY] Hello I am lay
Thank you~ ^^


[FAN] Zhang Yi Xing, this is written for you.
I want to let you know my existence, I want to be able to be by your side, to be able to feel your breath, there really is no reason for why I like you. Did you know? Girls all love having delusions, thinking about this and that all day long, I suddenly felt like there was no significance, I felt as though the distance between us is too big, too big, I am just a very ordinary high school student. I felt that the me who was like this really wasn’t practical, I am not an outstanding person, of course there’s a difference between the ideal and the reality, but, even if it’s like this, it still looks like an unrealistic fantasy. I feel like the life of a high school girl is really difficult, what’s more is that it’s really clear that I’m not a good student, I’ve thought of giving up but my heart is unwilling, however, by not giving up, I’m being the same me where I want to learn but can’t learn anything. Helplessly, I don’t want to continue being dispirited like this, helplessly, I don’t really have a choice either. At first I didn’t like you at all, because it felt really fake… because one of my friends, she really really loves you guys. Accidentally one time online, I saw you guys receive a newcomers award, from the me who had no feelings towards you, was moved in a moment. Every time I see you in the future I really I’ll be really emotional, every time I’m really moved by you, although moved by what, I am not really sure myself. Sometimes it’s really silly. I truly hope you will look at what I wrote, although it’s not good, but, is truly spoken from my heart. My classmates who do know of EXO all like Luhan, and some like Wufan, but I feel that you are the best, that you have a lot of talent. Of course the other members are very good as well……these words were written while listening to “Tears Airport”. Your voice is really nice to listen to, it’s very charming, and it’s really clear. You have to stay healthy, take care of your body, and love yourself well.

[LAY] Hello I am lay
I will continue to work hard, I won’t betray everyone’s hopes.


[FAN] Changsha Prince, hurry up and come back!
Changsha Prince Lay, come back quickly to Changsha, if you don’t come back soon then I’ll graduate and go home, the chance of seeing you would be a lot less.

I’m currently studying in your hometown, but I’ll be graduating soon, so I really hope that before I graduate you can return to Changsha, so that I can see you.

I hope that your waist injury gets better soon, healthily.

I like your faint smile, your cute little dimples.

Quickly CB alright!

(T/N: I guess CB stands for come back.)

[LAY] Hello I am lay.
Alright, once I have time I’ll definitely come home~


[FAN] The performance in LA
Seeing the video about you guys coming to LA I’m really excited to say, but really miserably I live in the East Coast of the US, plus we’ve already started school now, so I can’t fly over, I really want to see you guys, altogether you guys seldom come to the US, have a concert in Orlando, FL when you have time, that way we can enjoy it. I’ll continue to support you guys!!

[LAY] Hello I am lay.
Thank you la, I hope that you will continue to like us~


[FAN] Lay ah, Lay, what do I do if I’m staying at home and I don’t want to move?
Tired-classmate…… Tell me what I can do…… Don’t want to go out, you guys don’t really have any news either, I’ve already listened to your songs to the point of vomitting……hing~

anyway, you have to look after yourself well ha, as well as my Little Lu-gege, make sure he doesn’t get a cold~ you have to wear more clothes yourself as well, don’t catch a cold~

The pain of love~

[LAY] Hello I am lay.
Little Lu is really good, please rest assured~ if you don’t want to move then just start by imitating a JPG


[FAN] Zhang Yixing save me T_T
There’s a test tomorrow but no matter how much I read I can’t keep the information in my brain!!! What do I do!?

Will you encourage me? Hoping that I will get a good grade. The pressure of university is so big aaaaaah…

[LAY] Hello I am lay.
I’m coming~ Do your best.


[FAN] Dan dan classmate, do you dare to leave a message in the Chinese zone
I really miss you, when are you guys coming back, jie jie’s waited so long that even flowers have withered.

[LAY] Hello I am lay.
I’m always in your hearts~ ^^


[FAN] Zhang Yixing~ Quickly encourage the sisters who are in the EXO voting group!!
Xing xing~~ ~~

Here, leaving a message, representing all sisters who are in the EXO voting group~

We are all working really hard to sign up, and vote~

Give the sisters encouragement quickly!!!

No matter how you look at it, you’ll have to give a few big love hearts!!!!!!!!!

When are you guys coming back?

We really miss you guys~~

We’re waiting for you alright

[LAY] Hello I am lay
thank you all, you’ve worked hard~ ☆


[FAN] Kris is mine!!

[LAY] Hello I am lay
haha he’s also mine ^^


[FAN] Lay-nim & Kris-nim!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I might go back to university to learn Chineseㅠㅠ Not knowing Chinese makes me feel the language barrierㅜㅜ

[LAY] Hello. It’s Lay ^^
Chinese is easy~

Study well and write a letter in Chinese please^^


[FAN] Xing xing~ The girls in the voting group want a hartu~~
Zhang Yixing~~ Xing xing~~ This is the EXO voting group~~

The girls are working really hard~~

We hope that we can become closely aligned with you guys together~~

Receiving even more awards~

Quickly come and give support to the girls~

Registering accounts and voting is a bit boring~

Quickly give us a pile of big love hearts~~

We’re waiting for you to return!!!

Love you guys

By the way, my good chingu Xiao Zhi both really like you~~

[LAY] Hello I am lay
♡ ^^


[FAN] indonesia loves yixing

please reply to this T_T

do u like our present

[LAY] Hello I am lay
I love you too~

Thank you


[FAN] Lay, saranghae I love you wo ai ni (T/N: all 3 mean “i love you”)
I love you I love you I love you

I’ll say it 3 times a day so you can hear it

I love you!!!!!

[LAY] Hello I am lay
I love you all too


[LAY] Hello I am lay
Hello everybody ~I am lay^^

Leader and I, along with the other members, are going to L.A. tomorrow, so we have to go home and get ready

Today’s chat, although it was really brief, I’m really happy, thank you all

You guys will always be in my heart~✭

[FAN] Zhang Yixing you have to look, Changsha fans love you

The weather in Changsha is currently really good, 18~26 degrees, level 3~4 of wind.

In class I’m currently studying a listening course, the teacher is showing Saw, we’ve watched it continuously for a lot of weeks, we’ve almost finished watching 4, I can’t take it, I don’t even dare to watch, once he plays the movie, I just watch your programs, hahaha.

A lot people watch it eagerly, it really is disgusting.

By the river I often see teams of fixed gear fleets in weekend night scenes in Changsha.

I’m not a member, but I can also fix gear, the motorbike party don’t have breaks

The Autumn Tiger is very powerful (T/N: Autumn Tiger, meaning the heat of the Autumn), early and late in the day it’s deadly cold, in the afternoon it’s so hot you’re sweating.

I’ve watched Chainsaw sections intermittently right, the most commonly said phrases summed up, are “I’ll fucking kill you” said by men facing death and that old man saying “I want to play a game”. and that stupid mask.

[LAY] Hello.It’s Lay ^^

Haha, I love Changsha

I like



[FAN] I miss EXO-M


I miss you

I want to see you

[LAY] Re: I miss EXO-M

ㅋㅋㅋㅋ See you soon


[FAN] xing xing lay

lay tired-classmate.

I think of you ten thousand times every day, hoping you’re well

Is your waist-injury better now.

Can you send a message letting your vast amount of Xing fans know how your waist-injury is!!

[LAY] Hello I am lay

Very good, there’s no need to worry~3q


[FAN] Lay-ya

I miss you… Are you doing good?

[LAY] Hello.It’s Lay ^^

I’m doing good~

Be careful not to catch a cold^^


[FAN] Woah woah woah woah!!! It’s Lay!!!

Woah woah woah woah woah hi Lay~~

[LAY] Hello.It’s Lay ^^



[FAN] Lay oppa you’re busy to prepare the comeback right?

Take good care of your healthㅠㅠ Don’t be sick

I’ll always be supporting you, I’ll look forward to a good song and a great performance

Lay miss you miss you~~ (T/N: Miss you miss you refers to the song Lay wrote predebut Xiang Ni Xiang Ni)

[LAY] Hello.It’s Lay ^^

We’re doing our best to get ready, look forward to it ~^^


[FAN] LAY…We’re already in autumn!

I miss you…ㅠㅠ I’ll be able to see you soon right??

[LAY] Hello.It’s Lay ^^

You’re going to wait of course^^

The weather is cold be careful not to catch a cold^^


[FAN] Lay oppaㅠㅠㅠㅠ Just check my post onceㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

Thank you so much for debuting with EXO-M

I hope you will always be healthy and happyㅠㅜㅜ♥

[LAY] Hello.It’s Lay ^^

Thank you stay healthy^^~~~


[FAN] LAY I love you, birthday congratulations


[LAY] Hello.It’s Lay ^^



[FAN] to.lay

Lay oppa is reading this right ?

Tomorrow is my birthday so wish me a happy birthday please ㅠㅠ

The gift I want the most is oppa’s reply ㅎㅎ

I’m always supporting you I love you ㅎㅎ

[LAY] Hello.It’s Lay^^

Happy birthday, I’m ㅎㅎ LAY ^^ I’m healthy~


[FAN] You’re not sick right??????

The fans are always behind youㅠㅠㅠ Health is the best, be also careful to not catch a cold

Always smile even it’s hard because oppa smiling is pretty

[LAY] Hello.It’s Lay^^


[FAN] Lay did you eat dinner???

Don’t skip any meals and be careful to not catch a cold!!!

Aren’t you tired from practicing??

I miss youㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

[LAY] Hello.It’s Lay^^

Yes I ate [dinner]~

I ate kimchi stew ^^


[FAN] Lay oppa…are you still alive, if you are reply..ㅠ

Are you? Are you? Tell me you are… It feels like the posts are exploding haha

When oppa will comeback, don’t overwork yourself and I hope I will see you on stage with an even greater image haha

Are you healthy? Or not? I hope you are!!

[LAY] Hello.It’s Lay^^

Yes I’m alive

I’m always by your side, everyone ★


[FAN] Lay oppa next week I have an examㅠㅠㅠㅠ

Give me a word of encouragement pleaseㅠㅠㅠㅠ

[LAY] Hello.It’s Lay^^


Take well your exam~


[FAN] Please listen to meㅠㅠㅠ I’m begging you on my kneesㅠㅠㅠ

Oppa are you doing well?ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ I like oppa the mostㅠㅠㅠ When are you doing your comeback?

[LAY] Hello.It’s Lay ^^




[LAY] Hello.It’s Lay ^^

Hello. It’s Lay ^^

Everyone, me and Kris hyung have go get ready to go to L.A tomorrow ~

It was a short time but I enjoyed meeting all of you~

Thank you~ Everyone is always living in my heart^^★

source: exo-m’s official fanboard
translation cr; emilie @ exok-trans & xuan @ exom-trans

October issue of "Color"