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Friday, October 12, 2012

EXO-K Chaorwon TaeBong Festival

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Taiwan ‘Fans’ Magazine - EXO-M

EXO-M’s second time coming to Taiwan
Fans gives a super amount of strength
EXO, the new group that S.M.Entertainment have introduced this year, is composed of 12 members, then dividing them into two teams, EXO-K and EXO-M. Among EXO-M they have the same concepts as seniors Super Junior-M, hoping to have the Chinese circle as their development base, so among the members there are also native Chinese members, and they’re even of a bigger proportion than that of their seniors, the 4 Chinese members among them are KRIS, LAY, LU HAN, TAO, and the two Korean members XIUMIN, CHEN, after debuting this year April, have already come to Taiwan twice, and every time they come they’re even more popular, what interesting things happened this time they’ve come to Taiwan? Let’s have a look at this exciting article up close together!

2012 Tainan International Friendly Music Concert
In Taiwan’s southern portion there are rarely concert events, especially international-level artists coming to perform, September 8, “2012 Tainan International Friendly Music Concert” converged Taiwan, Japan, and Korea’s amazing groups, among them were Super Junior-M and EXO-M who gain the biggest focus, the moment they appear, in an instant southern Taiwan’s temperature rose several degrees.

Taiwanese, Japanese, Korean artists gathered together
In Korea, Japan, and China, starting from a few years ago, they frequently had large multinational concerts, by the performance content of the concert, aside from letting many countries’ big artists interact, they also let the audience feel the power of music no matter the country, last month in Tainan there was a grand friendship festival that gathered Taiwan’s Lollipop F and Dream Girls, Japan’s w-inds, Koyanagi Yuki, along with the Chinese language groups from Korea, Super Junior-M and EXO-M . The artists from overseas not only personally came to perform for the fans but also took advantage of the occasion to feel Tainan’s ancient capital’s cultural style.

EXO-M danced until their entire bodies were sweating
When the male idol group that SM Entertainment debuted this year, EXO-M, came on stage to perform, they performed “MAMA”, “Into Your World”, and “History”, they who just debuted in April this year, although they are a new group, through outstanding dancing and singing, they made the fans below unable to resist going crazy for them and screaming. They who came to Taiwan for the second time also felt Taiwanese fan’s enthusiasm and therefore performed with even more strength, dancing until their whole bodies were covered in sweat but didn’t feel tired.

Birthday: 1992/09/21 (19 years old)
Specialities: singing, piano
Experience: 2011 S.M. Casting System

Ryeowook-senior looks after people the most
Korean member CHEN, during this year June’s SM TOWN Family Concert in Taiwan sang Chinese song, “Ai Bu Dan Xing (Love Doesn’t Travel Alone)” with Super Junior-M’s Ryeowook-senior and Eunhyuk-senior, at that time CHEN’s appearance left an impression on a lot of Taiwanese fans. When CHEN talked about his favourite senior, he specifically named Ryeowook, he said, “Ryeowook-senior is always looking out for his hubaes a lot, so I’m very thankful towards him!” at the same time, at the same time CHEN also really hopes that one day he too will become a cheerful senior who looks out for his hubaes like Ryeowook. Moreover, CHEN also expressed that he really likes Wang Lee Hom’s song “Wei Yi (Only One)”, then everyone please look forward to when he performs this Chinese song in the future!

From morning to night his manners do not diminish
Although the resting time between schedules on EXO-M’s trip this time is very short, but they were able to face every interview with a condition that was full of energy, letting people feel the liveliness of young idols! The hardest thing is that, when they go through each of these interviews, the moment they see the group of media that specially came for the interview, after doing their neat catchphrase when the interview is over they will also bow 90 degrees, a demonstration of very good manners, letting people have a wonderful and deep impression! Towards Taiwan’s fans, they are also quite considerate, in the breaks in the interview EXO-M would always wave and greet the fans who were waiting in the hotel, even letting out comedic actions, letting the fans who were watching outside not feel lonely at all!

Birthday: 1990/11/6 (21 years old)
Specialties: Languages (Chinese, Cantonese, English, Korean), rap, basketball
Experience: 2007 SM Global Audition Canada

Handsome appearance, familiar personality
The handsome Kris is EXO-M’s leader, aside from the steady personality that a group leader must have, he is also a man who will care for the people around him, in Taiwan when they took media interviews, once he found out that the scene needed tables or chairs, he gave an order to the members telling them to get up and help, these kinds of considerate actions are really too charismatic! Kris isn’t just a man with a handsome appearance, his personality also has a lot of masculinity! So far in their debut, these short months’ time, Kris feels that the greatest change that EXO-M has gone through is that with the company’s special packaging, they have become more dazzling, speaking of the greatest difference after becoming a celebrity, he said: “Right now we have fans following us, so we have to be careful of our every move, we hope that we can show the best image at any time when we appear in front of the fans.”

It’s surprising to see the fans when catching planes
Since EXO-M came from the big family of SM, they are having concerts with seniors when they just debuted for not very long, what kind of feelings do you have towards this kind of experience? Kris said: “We’re very happy that this time we came to Tainan with Super Junior-M to perform, they have always been our role models, we also personally saw the high popularity that our seniors have in Taiwan! Originally we were worried when we got to Taiwan’s airport, were all the fans who had come to the airport there for Super Junior-M, that none of the fans were ours? Fortunately, there were a good number of fans who were supporting us, this made us very happy!” Kris also revealed that they are currently preparing a new album, they hope that they can quickly put out a new work and perform new songs for everyone to see.

Birthday: 1991/10/7 (20 years old)
Specialties: Dance, piano, guitar
Experience: 2008 SM Casting System

The expert in creating and cooking
Although EXO-M’s member Lay debuted in an idol group, his expectations for himself are not only to sing the songs well and dance the choreography well, towards the music composition aspect he has a lot of interest, he even expects that in the future he can become like Super Junior-M’s Henry, become an entertainer with musical artistic talent. Normally Lay will take advantage of free time to practice composing, other than creating music, Lay also likes to cook, he is the representative of Mr. Nice Guy in EXO-M. Because he is a big expert in cooking, even Lu Han could not resist praising the great flavor of the cucumber scrambled eggs that Lay makes! Aiyo~it looks like Lay captured Lu Han’s appetite and also captured his heart! (Cha~)

Wherever they go the fans chase their cars
This time’s short trip in Taiwan, right after EXO-M finished their Tainan performance, the next day right in the early morning they were driving from Tainan to the north, starting a day and a half of very intense promotions. The thing that was hardest to forget for Lay and the other members was, everywhere they went there was a large group of fans following them in cars, even at the front of the next stop’s hotel and lobby, they had already arrived earlier, quietly waiting for them to arrive. Aside from that, the considerate Taiwanese fans hope for their idols to sample more of Taiwan’s flavors, so they prepared many snacks, towards the fans supporting and cheering them on so considerately, EXO-M expressed great happiness in their hearts and also thanked the fans a lot for doing all of it!

Birthday: 1990/04/20 (22 years old)
Specialities: singing, dancing, football, Rubik’s cube
Experience: 2010 S.M. Casting System

A lively personality, loves playing football
LU HAN, the one with the most delicate outward appearance in EXO-M, the most signature characteristic is those rounded big eyes! Even though his outward appearance is very graceful, but really he’s definitely not a delicate boy, the him who claims that his appearance and his personality are very different, normally likes exercising the most, especially once he’s available he’ll try to find the manager and member XIU MIN to play football together! Within the group, LU HAN counts as a member with quite a lively personality, even if announcements of his schedule are very intense, he actually looks very energetic, his mood always seems excited, or maybe it’s because he has expressive eyes naturally, that he looks like he has a lot of energy all the time!

Particularly admires Eunhyuk-senior
Saying that LU HAN’s a handsome type of idol, is definitely well deserved, when asking him if he would especially take good care of his skin normally, he confessed that he would go to dermatologists for facials, so handsome men aren’t just born that way, but it’s also acquired through taking good care, maintaining it is also quite important okay! (Girls who wish to appear beautiful, quickly write this point down in your notebooks, you can’t be lazier than boys~) LU HAN not only has a lively personality, he also really loves making nicknames for others, like when he helped XIU MIN, who has a very good relationship with him, make a “Steamed Buns” nickname (The editor is covering his face and giggling), taking a good look at XIU MIN, he actually does pretty much look like one! When bringing up the senior he admires the most, LU HAN who’s good at dancing expressed… “I admire Eunhyuk-senior the most, because he’s really good at dancing, I have to learn well from him!”

Birthday: 1993/5/2 (19 years old)
Specialties: Wushu
Experience: 2010 SM Casting System

Donghae suddenly hugged me
In SMTOWN there have been a lot of big stars, EXO-M who has just debuted, which sunbae do you have the biggest impression of? Tao revealed an unknown little secret! Tao said: “I respect Super Junior’s Donghae sunbae the most because Donghae sunbae particularly cheers me on, letting me be charged full of strength! One time at one of our performances, Donghae sunbae suddenly hugged me from behind, at the time I was really surprised, but when I turned and saw it was Donghae sunbae, I immediately felt relieved.” This piece is still very interesting, but the fans who know the Super Junior members’ personalities well probably know that they originally really liked to hug a lot, using their limbs to show friendship.

There are differences between males and females calling an older brother
Since Tao is a Chinese member, when he first went to Korea, he previously caused many funny jokes because he was entering a foreign country, he said: “When I first got to Korea to be a trainee, I ran into Xiumin-gege in the practice room, because at the time my Korean was not good, only remembering that when I watched Korean dramas I often heard the actors in the dramas say gege as oppa, so I called Xiumin-gege oppa, only later on did I find out that oppa is actually only used by girls to address boys.” Tao and Xiumin’s relationship is quite good, not only do they learn Chinese and Korean from each other in private, they will even practice taekwondo, wushu, and nunchucks together, Lu Han exposed: “There are often sounds of being beaten badly coming from their room, we don’t know what they’re doing?” Tao explained: “We’re stretching to warm up, Xiumin will only yell when it hurts too much.”

Birthday: 1990/3/26 (22 years old)
Specialties: Singing, taekwondo, fencing, dance
Experience: 2008 SM Everysing Contest

Claiming the childish nickname ‘Baozi’
Xiumin who was given the cute nickname ‘Baozi’ by his member Lu Han, his appearance is quite immature, even he himself says without timidity that he is EXO-M’s ‘Childish man’. Coming to Taiwan to perform, this promotion trip, he generously admitted that his greatest interest was towards Taiwan’s great food, and the thing he wanted to eat most was xiaolongbao! Ah~the image of Baozi eating xiaolongbao is really very interesting, it seems like Xiumin is very satisfied with the nickname Lu Han helped to give him! In SMTOWN, Xiumin respects Super Junior’s leader Leeteuk the most, he said: “Leeteuk sunbae, whether he’s on stage or not, is very hard-working, a very deserving person for me to learn from.

The pronunciation of the fourth tone in Chinese is the hardest
Xiumin and Chen are EXO-M’s Korean members, since the number of Chinese members in the group is greater than the number of Korean members, Xiaobian is quite curious as to what language they use to communicate in private? Apparently, they need to learn both Chinese and Korean, so when communicating they use both half and half. But speaking of the hard points of learning Chinese, Xiumin expressed his personal feelings, saying: “The time that I’ve been learning Chinese is not long, pronouncing the fourth tone of Chinese is the hardest, but over the 5 months that we have debuted, living with the members every day, working, we also slowly learn a lot of Chinese words.”

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EXO-M Heading To L.A

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