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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

EXO-K: New Year's Greetings to Fans

Suho: Hello! This is EXO-K’s leader Suho!! 2012 was quite a year for us EXO, one deep with meaning. I believe we were happy because we went through it all with you. Thank you for giving us so much love this year, and we won’t forget our gratitude and continue to work hard and become an exceptional group. I love you!! Happy New Year!!

Baekhyun: Hello~! It’s EXO’s light Baekhyun! Thank you so so much for making this passing year so delightful for us! As much as you’ve loved us, we’ll see you again with an image just as cool! Always cheer us on, and we’ll try even harder to give back and share your love! I love you~♥

Chanyeol: Year 2012. It has been a meaningful year for us EXO!! Let’s all make 2013 an even more special year!! Please love us more and cherish us~! I love you~ ♥_♥

D.O: Hi! It’s EXO-K’s D.O! This year I have been happy because of our fans! We’ll present ourselves with an even cooler image next year! I wish you all New Year’s good fortune and good health! Heart.

Kai: Hello! It’s EXO-K’s Kai! How did 2012 treat you? I think this year may have been slightly different because you spent it with us EXO! I think it was so fulfilling for me because we were together. I want you all to (without fail!) achieve resolutions you couldn’t last year and seize this new year with all the opportunities it offers you and make it significant and rewarding. I will do the same~ ~_~ This coming year, EXO will return with a new look and I will return in new colors as a 20-year old Kai!! I wish you New Year’s fortune and good health!!

Sehun: Have a lot of New Year’s fortune and good health! (rice cake soup, nyam nyam) This is EXO’s maknae, Sehun. It’s already 2013… It’s half anticipation…and half reluctance (T/N: reluctance to leave something behind because of memories or because a part of it is unfulfilled)… It makes me so happy knowing I’ll be ringing in the New Year with you all! Haha. Please love EXO a lot in 2013! You know we’ll be together to the end, right? I love you!! ♥

source: exo-k’s official website

translation cr; juliana @ exok-trans

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