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Thursday, February 7, 2013

EXO-K's Se Hun Official Site Update

Everyone!!!!!!! First of all before greeting you~ I love you and thank you. ᄒᄒ

Hello this is EXO’s maknae Sehun.

What day is it today? (The graduation ceremony~~~)

Yes~~ I had my high school graduation ceremony today! Ha~ I feel really weird.

I feel really nice but at the same time regretful…

However since my parents, the EXO members, our managers and even my friends came, I feel like I’ve spent quite a joyful graduation ceremony. ᄒᄒ

Moreover, thank you to all the fans who congratulated me as well, I’m really thankful. ㅜㅜ

It was a really happy graduation ceremony.

From now on I will go by everyone’s sides not as Ohmija (Bye now Ohmija…) but as Oh~dult (Ohdult ᄏᄏ it’s really cute), an even more charming Sehun~~

To the fans who also graduated, I sincerely congratulate you!!

Really!! Last but not least my members, thank you and I love you.

And all our fans, thank you!

Now what do you think I am going to say? (curious curious)

Please go with us until the end ~~~ Heart

source: EXO-K’s Official Website
translation cr; saphira @ exok-trans

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