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Monday, May 20, 2013

EXO-K D.O & EXO-M Tao - Site Update

Hello. This is EXO’s D.O.
It’s already the day I’ve become an adult, time goes by so fast.
From now on, I’ll show you an even more grown image than my current one.

Also EXO’s comeback is approaching right~ It’ll be good if you look forward to it.
I’m requesting for a lot of interest and love. Thank you.

Wah~ Haha

Hello everybody, I am EXO’s TAO.
I’m 20 years old! 20 already! What to do, I’m heading towards 30 already, sobs…

Firstly, I want to thank the fans who sent me their wishes~
The flowers are very pretty. The cake is nice to eat and look at as well, thank you for putting in so much effort. I’m very touched.
I am TAO, a member of EXO, miracles are still awaiting ahead of us. Jiayou.
As long as you want it, as long as I have it.
I love you. Kiss~ Sigh…. 20 already haha.
source; exo-m’s & exo-k's website
trans cr; amy @exom-trans
translation cr; saphira @ exok-trans