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Saturday, September 28, 2013


EXO-K BaekHyun & SuHo-mbc quiz to change the world


130925 - EXO D.O, Kai’s Story

After the outdoor photoshoot, D.O shyly sat down and focused on caterpillars. “Are your feet this small?’ After seeing the baby shoes that were at the studio, his round eyes got even bigger. He may seem like a baby like this but D.O is actually a ‘real man’. As soon as the group photoshoot started, he went to the center and confidently said “Okay, let’s go”, just like he wanted the members to focus [on the work]. Even if he looks like a kid, his reversal charms can be seen through his indifferent gaze.

D.O. I was born on January 12th 1993. I am EXO-K’s main vocal. I was also in charge of getting hit by Luhan hyung in the EXO music video drama episode that was released not too long ago, this is what the producer decided because he thought it’d fit my image. But my real image isn’t what you saw…. or is it really? Is it really the kind of image I have? The other members always make fun of me. I don’t know why. I have no way to show my dignity so I have to face the members just like always. There are sometimes moments when I have to show my aegyo but it’s really difficult. The meat I grill tastes better than the other members’ so I’ve become in charge of cooking the meat. I don’t have any particular know-how but the more you grill meat, the more you will get this ‘feeling’ you can’t express with words. Ah, I think it’d be fun if I got to appear onKBS <Happy Together 3>'s night time cafeteria, but I haven't found the recipe I'd show there yet. There's a misunderstanding saying I am good at cooking, I actually only enjoy doing so. Even if the members said during an interview that I take care of them well like a mother. (Q. Doesn't it only mean than the members often ask you to cook?) However, when I'm asked to do something, I don't do it. I cook when I feel like it and at that's when we eat together. I really like singing while Chanyeol is playing the guitar. It might be because we’ve started practicing together ever since our trainee days but we get along well. If I change the rythm when singing, Chanyeol will make sure to follow me and if he changes, then I am the one following him. (Chanyeol : There are about 15 songs we told ourselves we’d show the world once we debut). True. ‘Nothing On You’, that we performed on KBS 2FM’s <Super Junior’s Kiss The Radio> was one of them. I’ve listened to R&B music ever since I was a kid so I really enjoy it. Later on, when we hold our concert, I want my solo stage to only be made of a stand mic and my voice in order to make [the audience] listen to black music properly. I like Chris Brown and Justin Bieber so I often listen to these two singers’ songs. I actually haven’t recovered from the ‘superior orchestra' trauma. I haven't found a special way to get over it yet but I think I'll have to do so by gaining experience.

"Ah! Not too long ago I cried my eyes out while watching a modern dance performance!" Kai’s voice is getting louder. Looking at him getting excited while talking about dancing makes him more look like Kim Jongin who’s just like other people of the same age rather than Kai who’s overflowing with charisma. It was even more obvious while he was posing seriously when D.O came up to him and invited him to make bubbles together, his eyes automatically formed crescents and he smiled. He even joked around by wearing the baby shoes D.O brought on his great toe, finding out that the gap between Kai and Kim Jongin wasn’t easy to see was an interesting discovery.

Kai. I was born on January 14th 1994. I’ve learned ballet ever since I was a kid. Lately, while watching Mnet’s <Dancing 9> I’ve been wondering what would have happened if I had kept on doing ballet until now. I would have probably gone ‘all-in’ and gone overseas to pratice, right? Since there’s nothing I want to be better at than dancing and singing. If I ever become a ballerino, I want to create a piece in which I’d express how I can’t give up on the woman I love with my body. I am a perfectionist so when I make a mistake on stage, I blame myself a lot. When I’m back at home I go ‘Ah ! Why did I mess up here !’ and such. I love R&B a lot. If I get the chance to be in aunit or have my own solo, I want to show a cool performance with a song that would have a strong beat but would still be calm. I think Michael Jackson, Usher and Chris Brown are really sexy men on stage. (Laughs) I feel like they make the ladies go crazy even with the most common gestures. The members danced on <Weekly Idol> not too long ago. First of all, I think Suho hyung could dance well if he practiced a bit more whereas Chen hyung lived up to his ‘Funky funky Chen’ name by showing his unique sense of rythm. I think he’ll be good at locking in the future. Ah, when I hit Sehun’s butt in <Weekly Idol>, it wasn’t because I was in a bad mood, it’s because there’s another reason behind this. Usually, when you eat someone in the butt, you don’t use the top of your foot. However I hit Sehun when he was standing. So… I ended up hitting his butt. Hahaha. But didn’t I hit him too? Well, I thought of it as a chance that wouldn’t be given to me again anytime soon so I hit him for fun but I ended up hitting him much harder than expected so I was surprised. I’ve been following the Premier League since my first year at high school and that’s how I’ve become a Chelsea fan. This year, if Chelsea doesn’t end up first, I think they’ll get the second place? So if earthlings could emigrate to EXO Planet, I would try to become a ballerino or a football player. If I had to compare myself to an animal, I’d say a jaguar. First because my skin is dark. And also because jaguars are usually slow, once they speed up they make a 180 degree change. I think [jaguars] are similar to me in this because I live pretty leisurely but when I dance, I focus on it more than everyone else.

130924 - EXO Suho, Lay’s Story

Leading a team of 12 people at the age of 23 can be too much for some people. However, Suho who has been a trainee for a long time and thus earned practical experience since his early trainee days, is the type of leader who reacts in a neat way instead of raising his voice. However, when you talk with him and get over that nice and adult-like first impression, you can see a shy, strange and cute boy who nods his head repeatedly. Suho calls himself ‘an unexpectedly fun person’, and this is the reason why we agree with him.

Suho. Born on May 22nd 1991. I am EXO’s leader. I buy food to all the members, but I feel proud when my dongsaengs say they want to buy me food after enjoying what I bought for them. On the other hand, I feel a bit useless when I buy a member something to eat because I thought it’d be tasty and that the said member doesn’t find it good and leaves it untouched. (Laughs). Rather than my speciality, golfing is my hobby. When I was in middle school, it piqued my interest when I was at the fitness center and I even learnt how to play it for 6 months but my skills still aren’t good enough. Since I’m the leader, when we just debuted I was in charge of answering questions about EXO’s meaning and the album concepts, I was seen as a firm and exemplary character. (Lay : Our leader is really serious and works hard in everything. He’s cool.) However, I’m an “unexpectedly” fun person. (Laughs) People who haven’t talked with me and have only seen me being quiet probably won’t know about this but if you talk with me for 5~10 minutes, or if you exchange texts with me, you will be able to know how fun of a person I am ! On MBC EveryOne’s <Weekly Idol> D.O said about my face that “When he’s not moving he’s handsome but when he laughs he gets ugly”, honestly… I acknowledge the fact I’m not handsome when I laugh. (Laughs) If you watch MBC’s <I live Alone>, you’ll be able to feel how much I like being together with my fellow members. But when I’m tired and I want to sleep and that the members come into my room one after the other because they have things to tell me, I also tell myself I sometimes needtime for myself only. If the earthlings were able to emigrate to EXO Planet, I would like to become a teacher who’d help students by teaching them my knowledge, helping them psychologically and by trying to understand their minds.

Because of his big eyes and long neck that are reminiscent of an herbivore animal, I guessed his personality would be calm and delicate. However, after seeing him on a variety program imitating Kristina with a serious face expression and shouting “Kim~chi~stew~” showed that, as expected, Lay was a twisted person. Seeing him reply actively to any type of question without hesitation and sometimes with a various vocabulary made me look forward to a remarkable character. Even though, of course, no matter how busy or how hard it is on him, the promise he has made with himself to never forget to say “Thank you” will stay the same.

Lay. I was born on October 7th 1991. I was asked ‘What’s the character that should be in the brackets in ‘ka na da ra ma ba sa ah ja cha ka ta () ha’ (T/N : It’s the Korean alphabetical order) before, and of course the answer is ‘pa’. Pa, pa Hip hop~ Yeah~ (Laughs). I am still diligently learning Korean. I’ve heard the expression ‘having swag’ from Sehun and used it once on a TV program. (Laughs). Baekhyun also teaches me a lot of interesting words but lately I’ve learned the word ‘energizer’. I like showering so the longest I can stay without showering is about 10 hours. Because I absolutely have to shower at least once every 10 hours, it could be a problem if water didn’t come out well in our dorm but fortunately, the installation in our dorm is well done so there’s always water. Haha ! I prelly much like all of Stephen Chow's movies. Among these, the funniest one is <Shaolin Soccer>. I want to have lunch with Teacher Lee Sooman once. If I were to pick the menu [for this lunch] I would of course enjoy pasta or pizza but the CEO will probably prefer something like kimchi stew so this is what I would order. I am in charge of thehealing superpower in EXO. Even though I can’t heal the members in real life, whenever something happens I pray for all of them. If earthlings were to emigrate to EXO Planet, I would make them tasty food and eat with them. I want to eat tasty meals with the people I love while living happily.

                                             130925 - “EXO Kris, Chanyeol’s story”

Short but strong. Kris’ one word that he tossed in, even if his words are not normal, he is overflowing with confidence. Whether it’s when the members saw a caterpillar and like it was nothing, he said “Let’s eat it!”, or when filming ended and he jumped and laid on the bed saying “Euha, as expected, I’m an action actor!”, laughing Kris is without a doubt, fresh. Kris’ own world where the reason why EXO is pizza is because you have to have all 12 pieces to be one. The more you get to know it, it’s a world the strangely drags you in.

Kris. I was born on November 11, 1990. I was born in China and raised in Canada. I am EXO-M’s leader and am in charge of rapping. When rapping in Korean, the pronunciation is certainly difficult. Usually when I talk, my pronunciation is strong and clear and I try to rap naturally but when I do it, people have said that it is awkward. On <Super Junior’s Kiss the Radio> I practiced the song I sang with D.O and Chanyeol, Dynamic Duo sunbaenim’s ”Guilty”, a lot and I’m glad the response was good. Apart from rap, I have a lot of interest in writing and composing songs, fashion design, DJing, etc. Out of the lyrics that I have written up until now, my favorite ones are ‘Just one more time one last time’. Cool style starts when one wears clothes that matches them the best. And the mental attitude in wanting to try new styles is important. Ah, in the future, when launching my own brand name, a name came to mind but it is a secret. (Kai: Say it now. What will you do if someone else uses it first?) No. But while it’s really cool, it also connects with me well. A name that anyone could look at and say ‘Ah, this is Kris’ brand’. From a long time ago, I have watched and studied Korean variety programs a lot. But I’m not someone with as good reactions as Chanyeol. (D.O: If you film for a long time, you can get tired but Chanyeol’s concentration is good so he doesn’t get tired. He’s amazing.) I have stood, protecting, in front of the bathroom for 30 minutes before for Tao. At that time I thought ‘Tao is still very young’. But now, since I’m lacking sleeping time, I haven’t been able to do that for him. I can’t sleep much but, my skin is nice… I think I was born with it. (Laughs) In particular, I don’t receive face care and I wash well. I am the type that has a lot of interest in acting. So it doesn’t matter if it’s Korean movies, Chinese movies, or Hollywood movies, I definitely watch them a lot. I haven’t been able to show something worthy of being called acting yet, but like in a music video for the short part that I was able to show, I worked really hard.

Only five minutes. In order to feel Chanyeol’s positive energy, this allotted time is enough. While shooting under the strong sunlight, making the atmosphere more ‘up’ by saying “Think it’s March. Ah~ It’s warm,” is just the basics. Although he’s afraid of bugs, just looking at Chanyeol who shines when he is intrigued that he found a “baby cricket” shows his charm that makes one end up smiling. While mischievously fooling around and hitting D.O with a ‘pak pak’ (t/n: sound of a hit) noise, the reason why his image while be remembered for a while is because whenever a question is thrown at him, his eyes shine brightly.

Chanyeol. I was born on November 27th, 1992. I have a positive personality and I am the type that loves myself. It is thanks to inheriting my parents’ positive energy. Ever since I was young I liked people and with the sociability I raised from the playground, I gained a lot of love! Even now, at a funny timing, whatever action I do, I think the members enjoy it. Lately, thinking about my health, instead of body gags, I’m researching ways to be funny by eloquence. However, if I can’t do what I need to do because I’m hurt, I will be come depressed and stressed. In my third year of middle school, I saw Muse for the first time at Pentaport Rock Festival and fell for them completely. It was really cool that they could make such a cool sound with three members. If I were to go to a rock festival now, I’d probably be shaking my head with everyone and doing'slam.' I started playing guitar since my first or second year of middle school. Possibly because I taught myself, I formed a hand habit. That is why I don’t just follow a song while listening like I did in the past but I am practicing in the direction where I master the basics. Ah, because my father recently gave me a good guitar for an early birthday present, I keep playing that. Constantly. (laughter) Ever since I was a trainee, I really liked rap but it is true that there weren’t a lot to chances for me to show that. Whenever I find the chance, like at a radio, I am preparing so I can show my best. Recently we’ve been going on variety programs a lot but I met Kim Bosung sunbae on KBS <Happy Sunday> ‘Mama Mia.’ I said I’d register the UFO Association, but I couldn’t yet. It’s because I haven’t seen (Kim Bosung) senior after the recording. The way to always win inrock paper scissors against the members is only by trusting myself. If I were able to migrate earthlings to EXO planet, besides a singer, I want to become a regular college student. Normally I enjoy webtoon <Cheese in the Trap>, but I have a romance of wanting to become a nice and warm college senior like Yoojung senior and buying food for my juniors.

130924 - “EXO Baekhyun, Chen’s story”

With Baekhyun and Chen, who finished shooting first, we went out to the studio garden and started to talk while carefully looking through the LP that were prepared as props. Although we can see that Baekhyun is the center of EXO’s “beagle line” just by looking at his eyes filled with curiosity and mischievousness, his eyes that twinkle even more when he talks about his thoughts on singing and the future are a charm that I honestly didn’t know about. On top of that, I think it will be quite a fun time seeing how he who said “rather than being afraid of making mistakes, I think I will get better by going up against it at the actual fight,” will grow.

Baekhyun. I was born on May 6th, 1992. With same-aged Chanyeol, Chen, we are called the'beagle line,’ but from my perspective I think those two are easier to control. (laughter) When we first debuted, because I was not used to looking at the camera while doing even a short ment, my face was shaking, but because we kept doing it for a couple of months, it is a bit natural now. When I feel like I am lacking something, I monitor people who are good at it and learn. That is why I wasn’t shaking while thinking ‘this is scary what should I do,’ but because instead I let out a war cry, 'I will fight with this!' while looking at the camera, I feel like I was able to overcome it faster. Because I enjoy watching MBC <Sunday Night> 'Real Man,' I even thought of what I would do if I went out. But because I have a fear of heights… I don’t think it’d be easy if I had to go through helicopter drop training or water repel training, but I will try to overcome it! I can say that I am in the ranking for game skills in EXO. I think because I played a variety of games since young, I am a little better than the other members. One of the computer game genres that I am most confident in is the FPS game. Sometimes I make fun of D.O but I don’t make fun of it so that we get offended but it’s only to the extent where I give him fun nicknames. I think D.O really like’s it when I call him 'dyodoro' from boxer Fedor. However when I call D.O like this, the most important part is that I do it ‘as provokingly as I can!’ (laughter) Whenever I get to have a color stage at our concert, I want to use one pin light and sing a ballad song with the topic of separating with the piano. If I can migrate earthlings to EXO planet, besides singer, a role I want to take is a college student.

Even while tying his shoes, he hums the <Super Mario> BGM, while waiting for his turn, dancing to the music playing, Chen is one that matches his nickname of ‘funky funky Chen.’ While having pride in the result of his hard work, while judging himself objectively and while playfully reacting to the members’ stories you can see that he completely understands the true essence of the others’ words and that side makes you assume that he has hidden wick in him. The reason why the words a man with a kinda heart comes to mind is because of that.

Chen. He was born in September 21, 1992. Although I like joking around, I think I am different than Baekhyun and Chanyeol. (laughter) These friends really have the power to talk from morning to dawn. When we film a music video, we really don’t sleep for the whole night but seeing that they went to the end, I was surprised. (Baekhyun: Although I’m the type to get tired really quickly, if I stay still I come back alive. Haha!) The members say that I am ‘funky’ but my funkiness that I think of is my rascal like actions. Because I am in charge of the high notes as a main vocal, I try really hard to always be able to let out a nice tone. First, I start from the low notes and slowly go higher to release my neck from tension. And in order to not let my lips go chap, I go up on stage after taking a drink of water. A while ago I went to Han River for a bit and I was intrigued because a lady asked me, "You’re EXO right? My daughter really likes you.” A few members were with me at the time but the person I think she recognized was…me, really! (laughter) I think it’s thanks to KBS <Immortal Song.> On the first stage I sang 'Really I Didn't Know' with Baekhyun, but because it is a delicate ballad song, while practicing we discussed a lot. While trying to understand the lyrics’ emotions and making it to one, by discussing everything from I’ll sing it like this at this part, you sing it like at that part, the time because 5 in the morning. I like the movie <Avengers.> If I can choose one amongst the characters, I want to becomeThor. It is because I want to be able to control thunder as much as I want. I call D.O ‘shortie' sometimes but I am no…t afraid of D.O's ice punch. Because the fact that D.O is a shortie is true! (laughter) I have an older brother so I thought what it would be like to have a younger sister, but even if I had a younger sister, I think if she did anything rude I would severely scold her. I would then make her understand why that deed was wrong and reason with her. If I could migrate earthlings to EXO planet, besides a singer, I want to become a college student thatordinarily has a part-time job and raises his own spending money.

130924 - “EXO Lu Han's, SeHun's story”

In order to properly heard Luhan’s voice we had to tilt the surrounding area. It is because he is the type that doesn’t put himself out and quietly listens to the members’ stories and adds “that’s right, that’s right” while smiling brightly. However, even if he doesn’t talk a lot, Luhan’s affection for the other members is shown easily. Whilst talking about <Idol Star Athletics> episodes, when asked about Xiumin’s suicide goal, he was the first to say, “It wasn’t a suicide goal. That is the wrong information.” and he translated the questions with details in Chinese for Tao who is still lacking in Korean. Even when he was offered the seat with a cushion, he said “Ah, it’s okay. I’m alright.” and yielded it so another member can sit on it. Although it wasn’t a long interview, the reason why I think I can know what type of person Luhan is, is because of that incident.

Luhan. I was born on April 20th, 1990. Luhan means ‘dawn deer.’ I haven’t ever thought of wanting to change it to another animal. Because I was an only son, I grew up lonely. However, now I have eleven members and because I have a lot of dongsaengs (t/n: younger siblings), I am happy every day. There is no time to be bored. However, the fact that multiple people have to use the bathroom is a little uncomfortable. Before I didn’t like showering with someone else but now with no choice, because we end showering together, I am enjoying it a lot. It was better than I thought it would be. While showering, screaming and spraying with the members is fun. I really like beef. (Xiumin: You have a part that you really life.) What is it? (Xiumin: Not ribeye, not thin flank, chuck tail flap, striploin, something that has ‘kkot’ in it but I can’t remember.) Haha. If it’s beef, I like it all. I played the main role for the EXO music video drama episode. I did expression acting often but because it was the first time acting, I was a little stressed out. I received acting lessons for about one hour and because there was no time, the next day we filmed. At first it was so awkward. (laughter) However at the setting, my acting teacher showed me a few pointers on how to act as if I was really angry. My standards of a ‘strong man’ is someone who is strong and manly. I am the type that really cannot ride roller coasters. At the park, there is not a ride that I am not afraid of and can ride. Merry-go-round, Viking, roller coasters, Gyro drop, I’m scared of it all. If I can migrate earthlings to EXO planet, besides a singer I want to be a soccer player.

It seems as if there is a young boy living in the body of a young man. As soon as he came into the studio, he squealed while looking at the baby shoes and had fun while touching the baby clothes that were hung in the closet. Before the shooting started, during the brief resting time, he took Luhan into the room to talk as well. They say he grew a lot while training for a long time, it is not hard to imagine elementary Sehun’s face while eating spicy rice cakes while walking the streets. “To be honest, although there would be good things if I went back to the normal lifestyle, I don’t want to go back. Because I am EXO.” As if bashful, he softly smiled and even the expression he had when he said that seemed as if a young boy.

Sehun. I was born on April 12, 1994. I am always receiving love as EXO’s maknae. Although of course there are bad aspects to being the maknae, it is ambiguous to say. Uhm… wherever we go they ask “show us aegyo,” but is embarrassing. Most likely, all idol maknaes will understand me. Regularly, I am extremely close with the hyungs. I also the type that sneakily uses informal language a little bit. (laughter) I am now twenty and the feeling is really different from when I was a student. Aren’t there so many things you can’t do when you’re a minor? Even if I want to watch a gory movie, I ned an ID card. I am happy because I can now get a driver’s license. I think my mental attitude has become more adult-like. Although I am still young now I was casted in elementary school while eating spicy rice cakes on the side of the road. Although I didn’t really know what a celebrity was at that time because I was too young, it is fun that now I am an EXO member like this. There is a scene where I make the camera go panning in the 'Growl' music video. I think I came out really bad. As soon as the music video came out, I watched it all together with the members and as soon as they saw it, everyone laughed. My expression came out somewhat like an idiot. (Xiumin: Then it came out right? Haha!) I got caught. (laughter) But because the fans liked it and said it was dreamlike and there was feeling, I suddenly felt good. Although it was not something I planned. There was a one kick part in the ‘Growl’ atmosphere but it is hard to explain the know-how to do it cool. I think I can show the way to dance it yourself with feeling. Because my body is the skinny type, I get stressed out. Because I think I’ll lose more weight if I don’t eat, I make sure to eat. When I get hungry, I thought my stomach ‘growls’ but the members who see that kind of me go ‘chirp chirp.’ (laughter) Anyways, I think a person has to eat to gain strength and feel good. If I could migrate earthlings to EXO planet, I want to try being a actor or model.

130924 - “EXO Tao, Xiu Min's story”

Possibly because he is EXO’s eldest hyung, Xiumin is active in everything. While Luhan, Sehun, and Tao were taking their photos, because the striped socks he was wearing were distracting, he lead the atmosphere the atmosphere by saying “I don’t think the socks are it. Everyone take (the socks) off, take it off.” Like when he was throwing a joke by saying “however, you are not cute. Only the way you act is cute” to Tao who was jealous of Luhan’s cute image, throughout the interview it was Xiumin’s share to do reactions for the rest of the members’ stories and making the conversation more ample. With his face that looks forever coy, this remotely different actions, wouldn’t the expression reversal charm match the best with him. Not only that but if you look at his cat like eyes that are hiding a bunch of mischievousness, it seems that here is a lot of faces of Xiumin that have yet to be discovered.

Xiumin. I was born in March 26, 1990 I was born in Gyeongi-do, Guri. Not only am I EXO’s eldest hyung, I am promoting through EXO-M. To be honest, I am still lacking in talking in Chinese. I think that Chinese food tastes the best in the world, but especially the spicy sensational Sichuan cuisine is my style. There is a food called hot pot and I like the spicy broth’s hot pot. My personality is neat. However, because I don’t like telling others what to do, if there is something that has to be put away, I am the type to clean it up myself. It is not because I am the eldest that I feel like I have to be a model, but it is thanks to learning since young that I should have manners towards others and not give any damage. When I have to step up as the eldest hyung, it is when someone does something that goes against manners. The information that I did a suicide goal during futsal game in MBC Idol Star Athletics is false. I only kicked it after the ball was already in the goal. I feel unfair. (laughter) It is amazing how Sehun’s height grew so much. When he first came in the company, he only came up to my shoulders, (while pointing above his head with his hand) but now he’s here. If we can migrate earthlings to EXO planet, I want to be a barista. I like coffee. But it is not like I know all the types of coffee. Although I normally enjoy drinking americanos, I like the cafe atmosphere more. I am the best of arm wrestling amongst the EXO members. The technique must be genes? Starting from my grandfather, everyone in my family is good at arm wrestling. And because I did kendo, taekwondo since young, I raised my arm strength.

When Tao stares straight into the camera, he has a black leopard-like impression. However because even a leopard is in the end is in the cat family, Tao as well couldn’t hide his overflowing playfulness. While taking the group picture, he would secretly play jokes and because he got caught by Luhan also got slightly hit, and when Xiumin was in the midst of talking, he would stilly watch and then carefully press the mosquito bit mark about his eyebrow. When they were talking about his multiple personality acting games, the laughter sound that he would make, “UHAHAHAHAHA!” was very refreshing and cheerful. However, with a serious face when he said he wasn’t scared of the camera, he seemed more adult-like and brave than anyone else.

Tao. I was born May 2nd, 1993 in China, Qingdao. I am EXO-M’s maknae. Because I learned martial arts, I have a dream of wanting to be in an action movie. There is no role that I have thought of but if it is an action movie, I like it all. I like the feeling of when you fight in front of the camera. Because you are not really hitting the person in front of the camera, the angle is important. I focus a lot on if a camera is over here, whether you can hit from here or not. However I showed nunchaku and pole martial arts on MBC Every1 <Weekly Idol> and made a mistake. At that time I really only thought, ‘What do I do? I made a mistake! This is so embarrassing.’ Ah, and a lot of people misunderstood but I am not afraid of showering by myself. It’s just that after showering in a crowded place, showering by myself is boring. After promoting with the EXO-K members together, I carry around all the members’ photo cards. There is not a member I see more but I cherish all twelve of them the same. During ‘Growl,’ the part I first came out, I really liked it. During that part I have a lot of gestures, but it was fun to do it right in front of the camera. If you’re a celebrity, I don’t think you should feel the camera as uncomfortable. (Xiumin: Can I not be a celebrity? I find the camera extremely uncomfortable. / Luhan: I’m like that too?) Haha, you cannot be afraid of it. Ah, however when someone suddenly comes and takes a picture with their cellphone, it is uncomfortable. If we can migrate earthlings to EXO planet, the besides a singer, I want to become a store boss.

source: Ize
translation cr; nahbit @ exok-trans

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