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NEWS: D.O mentioned by actress playing his love interest in 'Cart'

Jiwoo: “My friends are EXO fans, it’s an honor to be acting with D.O”

When asked whether she was having fun filming for ‘Cart’, Jiwoo said ‘As the director is a woman, I’m having a comfortable time filming. She has a good personality as well, so I feel comfortable asking her questions. I’ve been asking her a lot of questions through Kakaotalk, so I think I’m learning a lot. My seniors are all great too. It’s an honor filming with them.”

She also spoke about acting with trend-dol EXO’s member D.O. When asked, “How was it when you were casted as D.O’s partner/love interest?”, she said, “When I first saw D.O-oppa, it was really strange. I thought, ‘EXO is here!’”, and “My friends are EXO fans too”, showing her teenager-like interest (in the group).

In addition, she praised his acting, saying, “(D.O) Oppa has a good personality and he’s good at acting too. Because he’s good at singing, he’s got a good tone and his enunciation is good, too. I think he has a lot of ambition when it comes to acting,” and “It’s his first time acting, so he shouldn't have much technique, but he’s good. Whilst monitoring himself, he gets a bit disappointed (t/n: 아쉬워한다; he feels like he could do better) and embarrassed, so when I saw that, I thought, “He could really become an actor”.

However, Jiwoo also feels pressured due to EXO’s high popularity and anti-fans. “At first, I worried a lot. My friends worried a lot as well, as EXO have a lot of fans, but actually, there were more people who were cheering me on than I expected. Of course, there were a lot people who didn't like (the fact that I was acting with D.O), but there’s a lot of people comforting me and cheering me on to “Film well”, so it’s gotten better.





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Hello. This is EXO’s D.O.
I am truly thankful to all of you for congratulating me on my 22nd birthday and for always making me happy.
But I want to make you all even happier.
Please look forward to it.

Hello. It’s EXO’s Kai.
I’m pretty late again, right? What are you doing now instead of sleeping?
Kai was reading everyone’s birthday letters, and when I looked up it was already 4 am. Continually reading all these letters warms my heart, and I am very thankful.
Unfortunately, I couldn’t spend my birthday with fans this year, but being able to meet our fans during our schedules made me happy.
Everyone sang Happy Birthday and within such a short period of time, there were some who confessed their love and read their letters to me. Because of this, I didn’t realize how much time had passed. In addition, we attended a very fun movie premiere in the evening!!
January 14th was a cold winter day, but due to our fans, it seemed like a warm spring day. Similar to how I felt the warmth from our fans, I hope I, too, am a warm light for you.
Ever since the teaser days up until now, the points at which you started liking me may differ, but I believe the times we will get to spend together in the future will be the same. As we get to know each other, for the next 10 and 20 years, let’s like and appreciate each other just as we did from the beginning. Us…!!
Up until now, this has been Kai, one of the happiest people in the world~

P.S. Today, even though it was very cold, fans still came despite the weather. Though there were some people who couldn’t come, thank you all so much. Please stay warm.

trans: nana | source: exo-k’s official website






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What type of girl do you like?
Somebody who has the same hobbies and interests as me, somebody who likes the same type of music, somebody with a slim figure.

At a party, what type of girl would attract you at first glance?
I don’t care about a girl’s appearance, I like a girl who is straightforward.

What kind of requirements do you have for your future life partner? What age do you want to get married?
I like to cook, so I want to find a wife who also likes to cook. That way, we can cook together.

Then how will you strike up a conversation with her, get to know her?
I will kindly get close to her to greet her, see her reaction and ask her what type of music she likes. I would get to know her starting with these types of questions.


What type of girl do you like?
Somebody who is simple, angelic, filial, and knows how to cook.

Something romantic you’ve done, or something romantic you’ve said?
As for now, I haven’t really had the chance to do anything but I believe myself to be a romantic person. I would spend a lot of time and effort preparing a surprise for my significant other. I would make it really romantic and let her feel happy; I have this intention but I have yet to do it, but I am a romantic person.

At a party, what type of girl would attract you at first glance?
Usually, I notice other people’s eyes first, and I mostly like the type of girl I described above, but at first sight I would probably be attracted to a girl whose eyes are particularly beautiful.

If you saw this kind of girl, would you take the initiative to say hello; are you the type to take initiative?
That depends on the situation, I’m not really the type to take the initiative, I’m a bit more introverted.


Something romantic you’ve done, or something romantic you’ve said?
The only things I can think of are all things that can be done simply; a specific example would be something like an event that I’ve seen and learned from TV shows and movies, like making a heart shape using candles at a playground.

If you saw a girl that you liked, would you take the initiative to say hello; are you the type to take initiative?
I would wait a little to see if she’s also paying attention only to me. If I am the only person she’s focusing on then I would go up to her and try to start a conversation. Usually, when I see a girl I like though, I don’t tend take the initiative.

At a party, what type of girl would attract you at first glance?
Pretty, long-haired, shorter than me, the degree of height isn’t a problem. If I were to see her under these circumstances and also happen to have a feeling, I would go talk to her. If she’s always only looking at me, she would also attract me. Under special circumstances, I will take the initiative to go after a girl.


What type of girl do you like?
A girl with a nice figure and appearance that is elegant yet cold, like a princess. The most important is that she is bright and kind.

If you were at a coffee shop or a party, what kind of qualities would attract you the most?
I like quiet girls, not being too assertive would also have a kind of quality that affects me.

What romantic things have you done before?
For example, when it’s her birthday, not only would I give her cake and presents, I would also take her to the ocean to spend a special birthday with her, giving her a particularly pleasant surprise.


What type of girls do you like?
A girl with a nice figure and appearance; she has to be kind.

Would you strike up a conversation with the girl you like?
Based on my personality, I wouldn’t take the initiative to greet her, but if it were true love, I think I would make the move.

What requests and visions do you have for your future partner? At what age do you want to get married?
I probably won’t get married till I’m over 30 years old. I hope she’ll treat my parents well and do housework.


What kind of girl do you like?
A quiet, refined, long-haired girl; her skin definitely has to be pale.

If you met a girl who looks like this at a party, would she attract you from the first glance?
I can’t say for sure, because of the different setting, the lighting and atmosphere would influence me a lot, at certain moments I may suddenly think that she’s incredibly beautiful.

If you were going to have a relationship, in the ambiguous stage would you be the proactive one or the passive one?
I would say it to the other party directly, to take the initiative and tell them clearly.


What type of girl do you like?
Girls who are passionate towards their work.

Would you proactively approach a girl?
I wouldn’t take the initiative in approaching a girl. If I like her, I’ll slowly try to get to know the other person.

Have you thought of marriage, what kind of requests do you have for your wife?
I’ve thought about marriage, because I really like children, but I haven’t thought about what requirements I have for the other person. The most important thing is the girl’s health, seeing as that’s the only way to have healthy babies.


What type of girl do you like?
Those who are pretty when they smile.

Do you think you’re a romantic person?
I don’t think I’m a very romantic person, my personality isn’t very tender. I’m not very good at taking care of other people.

What requests and visions do you have for your future partner? At what age do you want to get married?
I hope my wife can cook.


What type of girl do you like?
No specific type, a girl who is charming at first sight is fine. It’s a kind of feeling that can’t be expressed properly.

What romantic things have you done?
I’ve thought of personally making coffee for the girl I like.

If you met a girl you liked, would you actively pursue her?
I wouldn’t actively pursue her, but I would give some hints to let the other person know.


What type of girl do you like?
A girl who looks really pretty when she laughs.

What type of girl would attract you at first glance?
I’m not the type to fall in love at first sight, I’ll only have feelings after slowly understanding the other person, I don’t like the type of girl who is too pretty, I like a girl who has charm when she smiles.

When you see a girl you like, are you the type to take initiative or are you passive?
I’m very much the type to take initiative.


What type of girl do you like?
A girl who is not too tall, has very pale skin and is very cute and polite. I like girls whose clothes carry the nice smell of clothes after they are washed.

Do you think you’re a romantic person?
I’m not a romantic person, but I tend to make the girl I like laugh, because I’m very playful.

What requests and visions do you have for your future partner? At what age do you want to get married?
I really like children. I’ve thought about getting married, but right now I’m busy with work. I want to consider these sort of things after I’m 30. I don’t have any requirements for my other half, as long as we get along well, it’s fine.


What type of girl do you like?
A girl with long hair, very pale skin and an energetic and playful personality.

You like examining girls’ nails, what kind of nails represent what kind of personality?
Those with a single color are more introverted, those with hearts on their nails have more lively personalities, those with diamonds have personalities that assertively show charm.

Do you think you’re a romantic person?
My tattoo holds a romantic meaning, I once played piano, sang, and gave a necklace to my girlfriend at a coffee shop.

source cr; 吸桑’s weibo
translation cr; angi+hyewon+xuan@exom-trans

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EXO KAI & CHANYEOL - MBC-R Cool FM Jang Yoon Ju’s Rooftop Radio

EXO - D.O - Radio CF of Community Chest Of Korea





Q: Among EXO members, (you’re) the first member who debuted on movie, how was your impression on it and I want to know your future ambition!

DO: (I was) really nervous, but I always have interest in acting, so I’m putting so much effort in it. My future ambition… I wanna be cool guy!

Q: Your English accent is good; what is the reason behind that?
D.O.: I don't know the reason very well myself but I listen to a lot of pop songs and sing along so I think that might be it. And my accent is not that good.
Q: What is your favourite nickname?
D.O.: I think 'Doh Dio' is pretty good.
Q: Food you can cook the best?
D.O.: Food I can cook the best.. I'm not very good at it but I can only cook spaghetti so.. Spaghetti?
Q: Movie genre you enjoy watching?
D.O.: I like all kind of genres but~ Action? Fantasy? I think I enjoy watching those~
Q: When do you look the manliest?
D.O.: Probably on stage~?

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Hello. It is EXO D.O.

Thank you so much for giving us EXO so much love in 2013.
I just came back from finishing MBC Gayo Daejaejun.

How was 2013 EXO?
I hope you anticipate 2014 EXO as well.

Gain a lot of new year luck and always be happy in 2014
and D.O will cheer for you to be filled with only good things. Thank you.

source: EXO-K’s Official Website
translation cr; nahbit @ exok-trans