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Thursday, January 9, 2014


Q: Among EXO members, (you’re) the first member who debuted on movie, how was your impression on it and I want to know your future ambition!

DO: (I was) really nervous, but I always have interest in acting, so I’m putting so much effort in it. My future ambition… I wanna be cool guy!

Q: Your English accent is good; what is the reason behind that?
D.O.: I don't know the reason very well myself but I listen to a lot of pop songs and sing along so I think that might be it. And my accent is not that good.
Q: What is your favourite nickname?
D.O.: I think 'Doh Dio' is pretty good.
Q: Food you can cook the best?
D.O.: Food I can cook the best.. I'm not very good at it but I can only cook spaghetti so.. Spaghetti?
Q: Movie genre you enjoy watching?
D.O.: I like all kind of genres but~ Action? Fantasy? I think I enjoy watching those~
Q: When do you look the manliest?
D.O.: Probably on stage~?

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