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Thursday, May 22, 2014

140522 JTBC ‘War of Words’ - " the Kris situation"

Q. What is Validity of Exclusive Contract Nonexistent suit?
A. Contract invalidity suit is to invalidate the contract for the entire agreed period of the contract from the starting date by proving the illegality of the contract itself which is really hard to do. However, for Validity of Contract Nonexistent suit is to acknowledge the past contract period but to invalidate the remaining period. In another words, requesting the termination of the contract from the point suit was filed.
Q. What is the reasoning of kris?
A. Known to have claimed unreasonable treatment, schedule adjustments, profit distribution and etc.
-Hangeng's withdrawal is often brought up in comparison. Same law firm from Hangeng's case is also taking kris'.

Heechul: The situation with Hangeng was different because he was only able to appear on two different broadcasts while he was in Super Junior. Given that he was the only foreign member, that might be the reason why he experienced a lot of difficulties while promoting in Korea.
MC Kim: From my point of view I think loneliness also played part of the reason. So to improve such aspects they have recruited 4 Chinese members this time...
Heechul: MC Kim is right. After experiencing the situation with Mr. Hangeng, SM tried to improve by dividing the team into EXO-K and EXO-M and made it so that the members are working together with Chinese friends. However, despite the efforts, the most upsetting thing is the fact that "the kris situation" is something that betrays the trust of the fans. Just a week before the concert, the dances, routines and music recordings was all finished but with this sudden withdrawal..... (Aren't the tickets all sold out?) Yes.
MC Park: Doesn't it cost enormous amount of money and time to change the dance?
Heechul: Everything is chaotic now! Recordings are being redone. EXO has a lot of dances that divide into 6 members each which is also being modified from the scratch. And I would like to approach this matter thinking that this[kris' withdrawal] is little rude towards the fans who have been waiting for the concert. On other hand, we could have predicted that this could have happened. We could have foreseen this because there were accidents and incidents before. Internally.. A lot of fans is also aware of this like disappearing while being on stage, during performance or disappearing and causing trouble to the promotional schedules!
MC Kim: Is he in China right now?
MC Park: He seems to be in China now. Didn't he leave his opinion on Weibo?
MC Heo: This kind of things happen to lot of musicians when they are going abroad to perform. They say the singers perform at a concert and they see thousands of people moving in just a single gesture. From this, young fellows think they can earn much more money without such trouble they have been withstanding. With the successful example of Hangeng, he is earning enormous amount of money. Like this when the entertainment companies invest millions of dollars to produce a great team, a lot of brokers approach such groups. There are so many brokers in China now. With growing number of successes, there will be more cases like this.
MC Kim: EXO-K will be okay since they are all Korean members but how about EXO-M? They have 4 Chinese members and with their leader kris withdrawing, aren't the three remaining members agitated?
MC Park: Didn't the other members post, with criticizing tones, messages towards kris on their SNS? Something like " "we are one" and a person is leaving this has no meaning".
Heechul: There are lot of rumors saying the posts are also due to SM who forced them to post!
MC Heo: I think they ought to feel betrayal since they were all working hard together for a long time. While there were flood of articles regarding the matter there were some articles in bold and it was about the members unfollowing kris. I've never seen an article about such minute thing.
MC Kim: From the looks of it, this fellow made such an issue during their rising of popularity. When it was in the past lot of people would have questioned the integrity of their company contract but for more recent contracts like they are all using the standardized contracts [SM has been using the standardized contracts since December 2010] with just the difference in their contract periods. Moreover the current public view towards kris isn't great
Heechul: The most upset are the fans and the members.

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